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  1. Type of paper: Paper in journal


  2. Type of paper: Paper in journal

    Title: The sensitivity of the micronukleus assay for the detection of occupational exposure to vinyl chloride monomer

    Fučić, Aleksandra (69326)
    Journal: Mutation Research Letters
    Volume: 325
    Year: 1994
    Pages: from 53 to 56
    Number of references: 18
    Language: engleski
    Summary: The micronukleus assay was performed in the peripheral lymphocytes of 32 subjects occupationally exposed to vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) divided into two groups according to years of employment.Blood samples were taken in the period from 24h to 9o days following a transitory exposure to elevated VCM concentrations of 300 ppm due to technological process.The results confirm that micronucleus assay can serve as a suitable indicator of the time elapsed after last exposure to elevated concentrations of environmental mutagen.It can be assumed that duration of employment may contribute to the occuoarence of the cumulative effect produced by exposure to elevated VCM concentrations.
    Keywords: vinil klorid, mikronukleus test, čovjek

  3. Type of paper: Paper in journal

    Title: Chromosome aberrations in peripheral blood lymphocytes from control individuals

    Kašuba, Vilena (139892)
    Journal: Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics
    Volume: 346
    Year: 1995
    Pages: from 187 to 193
    Number of references: 16
    Language: engleski
    Summary: The study emphasizes the problems encountered in obtaining suitable control levels for comparison with occupational studies of exposure to clastogens.Blood samples taken from 135 individuals were examined for chromosome aberrations.The frequencies of chromatid and chromosome breaks, acentric fragmnets and dicentrics were determined.The frequency of the most common chromosome aberration,chromosome break was 0,001 and for dicentrics 0,00026.The values obtained were investigated in relation to sex, cigarette smoking habits,diagnostic X-ray exposure and use of antibiotics.In all parameters no significant difference were found.
    Keywords: chromosome aberrations,peripheral blood lymphocytes

  4. Type of paper: Paper in journal

    Title: Relationship between locations of chromosome breaks induced by vinyl chloride monomer and lymphocytes
    Journal: American JOurnal of Industrial Medicine
    Volume: 27
    Year: 1995
    Pages: from 565 to 571
    Number of references: 33
    Language: engleski
    Summary: The distribution of vinyl chloride monomer VCM induced chromosome breaks was studied in cultured lymphocytes of subjects occupationally exposed to this gas.In examined subjects the mean group value of chromosome aberrations and sister chromatid exchange frequencies were elevated in correlation with control valuers.occupational exposure to VCM caused lymphocytosis together with disturbances of mitogenic activitz in lymphocytes stimulated by phytohaemaglutinin.The results of G-banding showed that sites of chromosome breakpoints caused by VCM can be related to the lymphatic tissue disorders.
    Keywords: VCM, localization of chromosome breaks,lymphocytosis, SCE,G-banding

  5. Type of paper: Paper in journal


    Barković, Danica

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