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Title: Main pole covering and magnetic flux density distribution for the D.C. machine with double lap unsymmetrical armature winding

Gašparac, Ivan (75402)
Journal: Automatika
Number: 1-2
ISSN: 0005-1144
Volume: 35
Year: 1994
Pages: from 11 to 16
Number of references: 5
Language: hrvatski
Summary: The influence of the tangential shifting of the half of the main pole shoe on pulsations of the voltage among adjacent commutator bars for the double lap unsymmetrical armature winding is presented. The concept of voltage-free zone is introduced, as well the way for its determining. The necessity of the reduction of the main pole covering if the double lap winding with shifting of the half of the main pole shoe is used in comparison with the usagee of the single lap winding without shifting is poited out. The method is established and the voltage among commutator bars of the large DC machine has been recorded. Volume magnetic flux density distribution is estimated from the recording nondiametrical coil voltage and the voltages among adjacent commutator bars are calculated and compared with the recorded ones. This confirms numerical methods for determination of voltage among adjacent commutator bars.
Keywords: voltage free-zone, DC machine, voltage among kommutator bars, nondiametrical coil voltage, shifting of the half of the main pole shoe, main pole covering, volume magnetic flux density distribution

Title: Speed estimation method in vector controlled induction machine drive without shaft encoder

Zdenković, Josip (185145)
Kuljić, Zoran
Čanić, Šimun
Klobučar, Veljko
Perkovac, Milan
Journal: Automatika
Number: 3-4
ISSN: 0005-1144
Volume: 34
Year: 1993
Pages: from 87 to 92
Language: hrvatski
Summary: In order to improve the robustness of vector controlled induction machine drive the direct speed measurement should not be applied. The aim of this paper is to present one method for indirect speed estimation, which permits to estimate speed from stator voltage equation in field coordinates with presumptions that rotor flux vector magnitude is held constant and total leakage factor considered to be zero. Method is applied in the indirect field orientation structure. Simulation results show that good behaviour is obtained in steady state condition under load and dynamic condition under stepwise speed and load reference changes, regardless even if some error exists in assumed values for stator and rotor resistance.
Keywords: vector control, induction machine, digital signal processor, speed estimation

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