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  1. Type of paper: Paper in journal

    Title: Čubrić,S.:Power and energy of geothermal reservoirs in Republic of Croatia.
    Journal: Nafta
    Number: 44
    ISSN: 0027-755
    Year: 1993
    Pages: from 459 to 470
    Language: engleski
    Summary: The paper presents the physical basis for geothermal energyreserves calculations. In addition, the basic factors whichaffected the high geothermal gradients at some location inCroatia are discussed. The most impoprtant one is the influenceof natural convection in the deposits of great pay thickness andhigh permeability.
    Keywords: geothermal energy, reinjection, thermal power, electricity

  2. Type of paper: Paper in journal

    Title: Čubrić,S.:Estimation of geothermal energy reserves.
    Journal: DIT INA-Naftaplin
    Number: 32
    ISSN: 0351-5524
    Year: 1992
    Pages: from 25 to 32
    Language: hrvatski
    Summary: In this paper, the basic scientific principles of the calculationof geothermal energy reserve are described. Also, some maincharacteristics of the geothermal reservoir (and its energyutilization) in Croatia are presented.
    Keywords: geothermal energy, reserves, categories and classes, geothermal reservoirs in Croatia

  3. Type of paper: Paper in journal

    Title: Čubrić,S.:Economic Evaluation of Exploitation of Geothermal Reservoir Velika Ciglena.
    Journal: DIT INA-Naftaplin
    Number: 1
    ISSN: 1330-2434
    Year: 1993
    Pages: from 90 to 95
    Number of references: 8
    Language: hrvatski
    Summary: The geothermal reserboir Velika Ciglena makes the system ofmuturally well linked fracture zones in the practical impermeableblocks of dolomites at the depth of 2500-3800 m. Depth of thedolomitic blocks varies (up to 600m). The reservoir temperatureis almost equal (about 175 deg C).
    Keywords: geothermal energy, economic

  4. Type of paper: Paper in proceedings

    Title: Čubrić,S.,Uglešić,Ž.:Power and the energy of geothermal field Velika Ciglena.
    Proceedings title: Energija i zaštita čovjekove okoline.
    Language: hrvatski
    Place: Opatija
    Year: 1992
    ISBN/ISSN: 86-81601-01-8
    Pages: from 69 to 78
    Meeting: Energija i zaštita čovjekove okoline. Međunarodni kongres.
    Held: from 10/28/92 to 10/30/92
    Summary: Only one portion of the reservoir Velika Ciglena has beenexplored by two wells on 600 m spacing. Production rate of singlewell is 10 000 m3/d, with temperature of 170 deg C. In thispaper, power and energy in the proved portion of the reservoircovering the area of 2.3 m2, have been analysed. Thepossibilities of conversion of geothermal into electric energyhave been analyzed too. It has been shown, that it possible toobtain as much as 4.8 MWe per one production well.
    Keywords: Geothermal energy, conversion of energy, power

  5. Type of paper: Paper in proceedings

    Title: Geothermal Resource Potential of the Republic of Croatia

    Čubrić, Srećko (110544)
    Jelić, Krešimir (18432)
    Proceedings title: Proceedings of the World Geothermal Congress
    Language: engleski
    Place: Florence, Italy
    Year: 1995
    Pages: from 87 to 91
    Meeting: World Geothermal Congress
    Held: from 05/21/95 to 05/27/95
    Summary: It has been estimated that the thermal power from tested reservoirs in Croatia could be 815 MW...
    Keywords: -Geothermal resources, thermal power, Republic of Croatia

  6. Type of paper: Manuscript

    Title: A Contribution to the Enchanced Intempretation of Temperatuee Surveys

    Prnić, Žarko (147716)
    Language: engleski
    Summary: For most practical situation the flow rate and flowing time should be selected so that the thermal gradient is undisturbed over a substantial part of the well. The complete solution for the system of differential equations for large and small times under this condition are developed. The efect of thermal resistance is considered.
    Keywords: -Mass and heat transfer
    Other: Rad je za sada prihvaćen kao paper of SPE 28644 (Society of Petroleum Engineers). Postupak za objavljivanje je u tijeku.

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