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  1. Type of paper: Paper in journal

    Title: Some data on regional variations in emmertopization of the eye

    Kalogjera, Teodora (19942)
    Journal: Arh. zašt. majke i djeteta
    Number: 36
    ISSN: 1330-1403
    Volume: 36
    Year: 1992
    Pages: from 197 to 203
    Number of references: 38
    Language: engleski
    Summary: The investigation presents refraction and emmetropization data onfive-year-old children from different regions and environments:Central Zagreb and the rural area of Čazma. Three groups ofsubjects: 106 five-year-old children from Zagreb, born in 1967,56 children of the same age from Zagreb born in 1987, compared to84 children of the same age from the rural Čazma area. While themedium value of dioptres in the two Zagreb groups (born in 1967and 1987) was +1.54 Dsph and +1.44 Dsph respectively, in theČazma group the medium value obtained of +0.89 Dsph wasstatistically significant at the 0.05 level. The Čazma group withthe medium value of +0.89 Dsph was further divided into two partsaccording to the provenance of the children's parents. It hasbeen found that the dioptres of the children whose parentsoriginate from the Čazma have the medium value of +0.97 Dsph andthe children of the recent settlers in the area +0.61 Dsph, thedifference between the two, being statistically significant( X2=9.13, df 2, P<0.05 ).
    Keywords: refractive errors, environment, 5-year-old children

  2. Type of paper: Paper in journal

    Title: The refractive status of Croatian infants

    Kalogjera, Teodora (19942)
    Journal: Paediatr. Croat.
    Number: 37
    ISSN: 1330-1403
    Volume: 37
    Year: 1993
    Pages: from 135 to 137
    Number of references: 29
    Language: engleski
    Summary: Groups of children between the ages of 6 and 30 months (143), allof them born in 1986 and 1987 in Čazma, underwent a refractiveerror test. Their medium value of dioptres was established, theemmetropization of the eye, anisometropia and its influence onamblyopia were observed, and this was followed by anothercheck-up at the age of 5. The medium value of the dioptres was as follows: - children between the ages of 6 and 12 months: + 1.98 Dsph - children between the ages of 13 and 18 months: + 1.50 Dsph - children between the ages of 19 and 24 months: + 1.29 Dsph - children between the ages of 25 and 30 months: + 1.09 Dsph Anisometropia with amblyopia was found in 6 infants with a rangeof +1.00 to +4.00 dioptres. When the second check-up was carried out at the age of 5, two ofthe infants had perfect vision. The others (4) did not turn upfor the second check-up.
    Keywords: refractive errors, emmetropization, anisometropia, infants

  3. Type of paper: Paper in journal

    Title: Refraction and amblyopia in preschool children

    Kalogjera, Teodora (19942)
    Journal: Paediatr. Croat.
    ISSN: 1330-1403
    Volume: 39
    Year: 1995
    Pages: from 133 to 137
    Number of references: 29
    Language: engleski

  4. Type of paper: Paper in proceedings

    Title: Vision health care in pre-school age children

    Kalogjera, Teodora (19942)
    Juretić, Miro
    Proceedings title: Jugosl. pedijatr.
    Language: hrvatski
    Place: Split
    Year: 1991
    ISBN/ISSN: 0448-0171
    Pages: from 134 to 137
    Meeting: Pediatrijska škola
    Held: from 04/24/91 to 04/26/91
    Summary: The paper gives survey of research on visual development afterbirth and visual impairment, and account of the situation withvisual impairment in some countries and set out the requiredknowledge and know-how for the direction of visual impairment. As an example of the visual impairment detection the paperdemonstrates the analysis of the visual situation in two definedgroups of children, namely of 58 children aged 1 year from Čazma(a rural area) and a group of 22 children aged 2 years fromkindergarten in Zagreb (urban area). The analysis was carried outaccording to suggested methods including the examination of theanterior segment of the eyeball, eye acuity, the cover test, thetorchlight test on cornea, the examination of the musclemotility, and eye refraction test. The results have shown that inthe one-year-old group 80% of the children are hypermetropic(median +1.16 Dsph) poorer eye acuity has been 3.45% of the eyes,the cover test and torchlight test have been positive in 1.73% ofthe eyes. In the two year old group 77% of the children werehypermetropic (median +1.10 Dsph), poorer eye acuity has beenfound in 9.09% . The emmetropisation of the eye has been followedand the fall of the dioptres of 0.06 Dsph in one year has beenregistered.
    Keywords: vision health care, visual impairment, assessment of vision, vision screening program, refraction of children

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