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Title: Isolation of restrictible DNA

Topić, Elizabeta (50266)
Gluhak, Jelica (160474)
Journal: Eur J Clin Chem Clin Biochem
Number: 7
ISSN: 0939-4974
Volume: 29
Year: 1991
Pages: from 327 to 330
Number of references: 13
Language: engleski
Summary: A simple method for the isolation of pure and high-yield DNA from whole blood, suitable for restriction enzyme digestion, is described. The steps of the procedure are as follows: cell lysis with NH4Cl, NaHCO3, EDTA; digestion with proteinase K in the presence of SDS; extraction with phenol-chloroform-isoamylalcohol, and precipitation with ethanol. The 260nm/28onm absorbance ratio showed a mean value of 2 and the average yield of DNA was 212 ug/l. Such a DNA preparation was found to be quite suitable for digestion by a variety of restriction endonucleases, as well as for the analysis of gene disorders by different biological methods. The method proposed appears to be useful in clinical chemistry laboratories.
Keywords: DNA isolation, restrictible DNA, restriction endonucleases, minigel electrophoresis

Title: A fast method for glucose determination in hemolysate on Technicon RA-1000

Gluhak, Jelica (160474)
Topić, Elizabeta (50266)
Paripović, Roberta (178746)
Journal: Laboratoriums Medizin
ISSN: 4555-
Volume: 16
Year: 1992
Pages: from 40 to 43
Number of references: 21
Language: engleski
Summary: The authors developed a fully authomated enzyme method forglucose measurement on an RA 1000 autoanalyzer. By this method,the hemolysate was standardized. With the scientific approach,the precision, accuracy, specificity and sensitivity of themethod were the same as when measured in blood or serumsample. In particular, the conditions of cell membranedestruction within a short time, aimed at the measurement ofcertain analyte in the cell, were investigated.
Keywords: glucose, hemolysate, precision, accuracy, specificity, sensitivity

Title: Hepatopoietin-like activity in patients with liver disease (II)

Topić, Elizabeta (50266)
Zadro, Renata (95160)
Gluhak, Jelica (160474)
Slijepčević, Milivoj (43700)
Vogl, Siegfrid
Ruhenstroth-Bauer, Gerhard
Topić, Elizabeta (50266)
Journal: Fresenius J Anal Chem
Volume: 343
Year: 1992
Pages: from 132 to 133
Number of references: 5
Language: engleski
Summary: The blood plasma of patients with primary or secondary hepatocarcinoma and of those with chronic liver disease contains a liver growth promoting factor very similar to rat liver hepatopoietin extract. It has the same properties (acid- and heat-stable, Mr of about 38000+/-5000) but is somewhat more effective than the rat liver hepatopoietin extract, i.e.2.5-3.5-fold, in inducing proliferation. Human plasma hepatopoietin-like growth-promoting factor also increases the cell cycle S phase, confirming that both factors act in the same way.
Keywords: hepatopoietin, human plasma hepatopoietin, hepatocyte proliferation, hepatocyte cell cycle

Title: Evaluation of hepatopoietin in liver disease patients

Topić, Elizabeta (50266)
Barilar-Antoljak, Nataša (178140)
Paripović, Roberta
Bjelinski, Dijana (177060)
Popović, Jasna
Slijepčević, Milivoj (43700)
Journal: Laboratoriums Medizin
Number: les
ISSN: 003-3898
Volume: Anna
Year: 1993
Pages: from 507 to 507
Number of references: 104
Language: engleski
Summary: Human plasma hepatopoietin (hPHP) extract was isolated from 38 liver patients. The localization of active hepatopoietin substance in crude hPHP was done by SDS-PAGE. Electrophoretic pattern showed three protein bands in the range of Mr 38000+/-5000, i.e. bands A, B, and C, Mr about 41700, 38000, and 33800, respectively. 82% patients had positive band A, 95% bandB, and 63% band C. In total, 97% of patients had one of the protein bands positive. The bands were compared to the results on biochemical parameters commonly used to test the liver function.
Keywords: hepatopoietin, human plasma hepatopoietin, SDS-PAGE, liver disease patients

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