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    Title: The role of beta-lactamase producing aerobic bacteria in the throat in the penicillin therapy of streptococcal pharyngirtis.
    Journal: Med Jad
    Number: 1
    ISSN: 0351-0093
    Volume: 22
    Year: 1992
    Pages: from 17 to 23
    Summary: The antibiotic therapy of group A beta hemolytic streptococci(Streptococcus pyogenes-S.pyogenes) is still classic, withpenicillin as the medicine of choice. We noticed that in the throat smears of certain patients it waspossible to isolate S.pyogenes several times regardless of thepenicillin therapy. Pediatricians and specialist in schoolmedicine also drew attention to this fact, pointing out thatthese patients were prescribed anb adequate treatment, very oftenintramuscular, of the right concentration and duration. From the beginning of 1990 we looked for beta-lactamase producingaerobic bacteria in the throat smear cultures in which S.pyogeneswas reeatedly isolated. We determined beta-lactamase by the chromogen method, usingsephalosporin nitrocefin (the Cefinase Beckton Dickinson test). From 67 smear cultures (67 patients) in which S.pyogenes wasrepeatedly isolated, in 48 of them isolated one or more bacterialspecies producing beta-lactamase. Staphylococcus aureus wasisolated 27 times (56.25%), Neisseriae spp. 6 times (12.5%),Hemophilus influenzae 5 times (10.4%), Staphylococcusepidemirmidis 3 times (6.25%) and from enterobacteria,Escherichia coli was isolated 8 times (16.7%) and Proteusmirabilis once (2.08%). The findings showed a significant presence of beta-lactamaseproducing bacteria in the cultures where S.pyogenes wasrepeatedly isolated during or after the penicillin therapy. Therefore it is important for a doctor to have the data of thepresence of beta-lactamase producing bacteria, as it inables himto decide on an adequate therapy.

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