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Project code: 3-01-481

Fetal macrosomia,Etiolory,Pregnancy,Delivery,Growth and Psychic DEvelompent

Main researcher: MIKULANDRA, FRANE (75086)

Type of research: applied
Duration from: 07/14/92. to 12/31/97.

Papers on project (total): 16
Papers on project quoted in Current Contents: 10
Institution name: Opća bolnica, Znanstvena jedinica, Šibenik (176)

Summary: The aim of the present investigation is to determineetiophatogenic factors influencing the frequency of macrosomicinfats born in the Šibenik area.Unusually high rates between 15and 20%,higher than anywhere in the world,have been recorded fornewborns of pregnancy and delivery will be followed up.Eachmacrosomic infant will be assessed for various giochemicalparameters.Ophthalmological examination,including the fundus,willbe perfomed in the first three days of life.Neurologic assessmentduring the first five years of life will include psychomotorskills and growth.Psychological evaluation will compromise thedegreemental development beginning from the first month oflife.The obtained results will be compared with those of thecontrol group.

Keywords: Fetal macrosomia,etiology,delivery,neonetal condition,fondus oculi,child development,personality development,motor skills,growth,intelligence

Research goals: The aim of the proposed research is to examine etiophatogenic factors influencing the birth of a macrosomic infant(weighing ň4000 g).The factors to be examined include parental birthweights,maternal pregravid weight of her wight during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy,paternal weight at conception,maternal history of smoking during pregnancy,maternal age,parity and weight gain during pregnancy,impaired glucose tolerance,socioeconomic status,duration of pregnancy,type of labour,dystocia and the mode of accomplishing delivery.It is to be expected that higher parental birthweigts,higer maternal weight before pregnancy or during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy,higher paternal weight at conception, advanced maternal age,greater parity,higher weight gain during pregnancy impaired glucose tolerance,better socioeconomic status and postterm pregnancy will be associated with macrosomia.Induced labour,operative delivery and dystocia are expeced to be found in macrosomic infants more frequently.More asphyxiated newborns are higher values of erythrocytes from umbilical blood samplings are supposed to be found in the macrosomic group.No other differences in early neonatal outcome are likely to be predicted.Opthalmological evalution is supposed to reveal no differences between the macrosomic and control groups.Differences to be expected include the mental,motor and emotional develompent of macrosomic infants.The development quotient and subsequently the intelligence quotient will contribute to an early detection of possible differances in the mental development of macrosomic and control infants.


  1. Name of institution: ERC Ražine Tvornica Lakih Metala
    Type of institution: State institute
    City: 22000 - Šibenik, Croatia

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