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Title: The Bosnian Crossroads

ĆIMIĆ, ESAD (76675)
Journal: Društvena istraživanja
Number: 14
ISSN: 1330-0288
Volume: 3
Year: 1994
Pages: from 611 to 628
Number of references: 4
Language: hrvatski
Summary: The author presents his arguments against treating the war in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina as a religious war. Due to the fact that religions are inevitably historically mediated, there is a possibility of a smaller or greater departure from the original religious principles. This discrepancy, on the other hand, is mostly a result of historical circumstances, which - depending on the degree of resistance of the given religious community - succumb to the temptation of their own complete degradation. Catholics have the most shaped intellectual formation of theists. The Orthodox religion is more a fact of custom and less that of a spiritual attitude and speculative relation, while in the Islamic religion secularity and spirituality are more intertwined than in other religions. Although the interpretative framework of the scale of values pertaining to the mentioned relligious communities requires additional research, the author explains his sociological findings within the scope of three determinist parameters: (a) awareness of interreligious conflicts later in the future and especially in the near future; (b) perception of interreligious origins of the convert (Muslim) and (c) degree of congeniality in language, customs, folklore, verbal tradition and literature. The congeniality and identity of the scale of values of Catholics and Muslims is first of all the result of historical circumstances and also the remoteness from the Orthodox religion. It is evident that Muslims and Catholics have three identical values in terms of position on the scale. The specific predicament of Muslims throughout history and in the current situation has brought about an essential difference with regard to the first value. On the other hand, the first value of the Orthodox is a category which does not appear in Catholics and Muslims at all.

Title: Social Science and Social Change

ĆIMIĆ, ESAD (76675)
Journal: Društvena istraživanja
Number: 2-3
ISSN: 1330-0288
Volume: 4
Year: 1995
Pages: from 183 to 188
Number of references: 4
Language: hrvatski
Summary: The author strives to demonstrate that it is not enough to conclude about or even to explain a social phenomenon; one should venture towards passing judgement aimed at evaluating some measure of progress or yet a measure that stands in its way. It is said in the paper that the characteristic of Croatian society is an unevenness manifested in the development of separate fields, economic branches and especially regions, and also in the scope and rhythm of changes and distribution of social and individual problems.

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