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  1. Type of paper: Paper in journal

    Title: Catholicism and Democracy

    KALE, EDUARD (19830)
    Journal: Politička misao
    Number: 4
    ISSN: 0032-3241
    Volume: 31
    Year: 1994
    Pages: from 44 to 49
    Number of references: 3
    Language: hrvatski
    Summary: The author points to the fact that Christianity and democracy have been the hub of the European cultural heritage. If democracy, in keeping with the American Declaration of Independence and the French Declaration on the rights of man and citizen, is defined as a political system aiming to protect human rights in a society, it can be demonstrated that this goes hand in hand with the social and political keynotes af Catholicism. It is Catholicism that dwells on human free ill and the responsibility for choosing between good and evil. It also stresses man's concomitant participation in the activities of secular and religious communities - the state and the Church - which are strictly separated.
    Keywords: Christianity, democracy, political parties

  2. Type of paper: Paper in proceedings

    Title: Introduction

    KALE, EDUARD (19830)
    Proceedings title: Žirajski libar
    Language: hrvatski
    Place: Šibenik
    Year: 1994
    Pages: from 8 to 14
    Summary: The author points to special position, natural characeristic, early life on island žirje and that the island of Žirje has been very early mentioned in the written documents; then, about follow of population the spiritual ork and life on island and to the patriotic line of the spiritual life on Žirje since the Middle Age to the last patriotic war.
    Keywords: Žirje, population, history

  3. Type of paper: Survey/Study

    Title: Croatian cultural and political identity

    KALE, EDUARD (19830)
    Ordering party: Ministarstvo znanosti i tehnologije RH
    Institution depot: Fakultet političkih znanosti
    Year: 1995
    Number of pages: 250
    Language: hrvatski
    Summary: In a sub-chapter, the author includes excerpts from a future book on the particularity of the Croatian cultural community. One of the basic determinants of independence - awareness of spiritual identity - is presented, along with one of the basic values of the Croatian community - the contribution of Croatians to western European cultural circles.

  4. Type of paper: Manuscript

    Title: The question of sintgma: ethic and liberty

    KALE, EDUARD (19830)
    Language: hrvatski
    Summary: The author warns that in recent European history the syntagm of ethics and freedoms does not assume two different concepts but does contain the contradiction of ethics and freedom. This is a result of the confusion of ethics concepts and ambiguity of freedom concepts. Ethics, meanwhile, is the basis of all great civilizations - Confucius, Socrates, and Mohammed; from these sets of ethics are built moral codes. The concept of freedom arises indirectly from Aristotle, then in terms of "freedom from" and "freedom for". Christianity, especially Catholicism, supports the position that man has freedom of will, thus assuming responsibility for good and evil deeds.
    Keywords: Ethics, liberty, responsibility

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