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Project code: 1-06-015

Research on wind energy potential

Main researcher: POJE, DRAŽEN (37784)

Type of research: applied
Duration from: 01/01/91. to 12/31/93.

Papers on project (total): 0
Institution name: Državni hidrometeorološki zavod, Zagreb (4)
Department/Institute: Center for meteorological research
Address: Grič 3
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)4565 666
Fax: 385 (0)1278 703

Summary: The research on wind energy in Croatia is a continuation of hitherto made works in this field in Croatia. At first we analysed anemograph data of 26 meteorological stations from inland and Adriatic regions. Different methods of wind energy estimation were examined by Maxfit and Peakfit programs, especially from the aspect of best fitting of empirical wind speed frequency data by theoretical distribution functions. It was shown that in areas of strong orographic influence and pronounced bora winds the examined methods may sometimes ensue to significantly wrong results, particularly there where there are wind data sets which can not be fitted with only one but two or three distribution functions. So derived wind sunsets overlap each other. Application of Maxfit program with Weibull distribution function gives as a rule best results. Possibility of using climatological wind force data for wind energy estimation was tested on sets of wind speed data at selected stations and it was found that these data do not give satisfacory results. Data of meteorological tower at Konsko were checked and used for examination of the gust and surface roughness factors by Wieringa methods. In conditions of complex terrain as is the case in Konjsko this method should not be used. In 1994 the software program WASP was purchased by Zavod in Denmark and with it all necessary elaborations for the calculation of wind potential at 9 selected stations in Croatia were completed. These works were perfomed in accordance with plans of a Working group for the European wind atlas and the implementation of WASP program in the framework of the Middleeuropean Iniciative in the field of meteorology. This Working gropu was established in Zavod in 1994. The occurence of catabatic winds bura and burin was investigated on the basis of 10-years hourly data of Split-Marjan meteorological station and the main statistical characteristics of these winds were elaborated. The article on this work will be published in Croatian meteorological journal.

Keywords: estimation of wind energy, bora, Jugo, Weibull distribution function, Croatia, WASP program

Research goals: 1) implementation of area of Croatia into the European Wind Atlas, 2) ascertainment of topographic characteristics of surrounding of anemograph stations, 2) examination of different methods for estimation of wind energy using Maxfit and Peakfit programs, 3) possibility of application of climatological wind force data for wind energy estimation, 4) determination of gust and roughness factors at meteorological tower at Konjsko by Wieringa method, 5) research on bura and burin characteristics at Split.


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