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Project code: 1-08-326

Gene expression in higher plant development

Main researcher: JELASKA, SIBILA (18296)

Type of research: basic
Duration from: 01/01/93. to 12/31/97.

Papers on project (total): 19
Papers on project quoted in Current Contents: 5
Institution name: Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb (98)
Department/Institute: Department of Molecular Biology
Address: Bijenička 54
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)1 434-464
Phone: 385 (0)1 4552-646
Phone: 385 (0)1 4561-111
Fax: 385 (0)1 4552-645

Summary: On the species Arabidopsis thaliana, Cucurbita pepo and some conifers (black pine, redwood) plant cell transformation with plasmids (bearing chimeric genes or wild ones) is investigated. Also, it is studied regeneration of transgenic plants, and activity of chimeric genes depending on plant developmental stage.

Keywords: Transformation, transgenic plant regeneration, chimeric genes, beta-glucuronidase gene as reporter gene, regulation of gene expression during plant development, Agrobacterium sp.

Research goals: The aim is to comprehend the gene activity pattern(s) crucial in higher plant development, primarly that ones which are active during embryogenesis and regeneration in general, also to investigate mechanisms of their activation. Results - Agrobacterium tumefaciens - mediated transformation of root and stem explants was performed using the strain LBA4404 containing the binary plasmid pBI121 or its constructs with the fragments of the DC-8 promotor. - It was examined a number of parameters (ecotypes, number of inoculations, different transformation markers) as well as physiological conditions (photoperiod, temperature) in relation to "in planta" transformation efficiency for A. thaliana. In order to determine the segregation of phenotypic markers (GUS activity, kanamycin resistance, chlor sulfuron resistance) more than a hundred T2 lines were analyzed. The segregation pattern of transformation markers as well as Southern hybridization analysis showed that more than 50% of the lines had one copy of inserted T-DNA while the others had more the one per genome. - Regeneration of hairy roots in black pine (Pinus nigra Arn.) and red wood (Sequoia sempervirens) explants (two-month-old epicotyl and stem segment has achieved after infection with the wild strain of A. rhizogenes 8196 or trans conjugant strain A.tumefaciens bearing Ri plasmid C58CI (pArA4abc). The presence of Ri T-DNA (pRi8196) in regerated black pine roots was confirmed by mannopine content.


  1. Name of project: 1-08-268 Regeneracija i transformacija biljnih stanica
    Name of institution: Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet, Prirodoslovni odjeli, Sveučilište u Zagrebu
    City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia

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