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  1. Type of paper: Paper in journal

    Title: The Bulk Model and the Behavior of Fresh Concrete

    Krstulović, Petar (70770)
    Journal: Građevinar
    Number: 1
    Volume: 47
    Year: 1995
    Pages: from 1 to 8
    Language: hrvatski
    Summary: Further research of the range of normal specimens has been made and the upper boundary of the range, which separates the stable specimens from the unstable ones, is defined more closely. For the first time the right part of the range, which presents the lean specimens, has been investigated in more detail. The specimen of maximum concentration of aggregate, which characterizes such a samples, has been defined. The influence of type and greding of the aggregate and cement on the shape and position of the entire range of normal specimens has been also investigated. On the basis of statistical evaluation of test results, mathematical expressions and diagrams, which define the relationship between composition and slump of stable fresh concrete specimens, are developed. The most important contribution of this research is the analysis of the influence of stability of the specimens on their behavior. At the stable specimens, the value of slump depends on the relationship of aggregate and paste concentrations. Greater slump is obtained primarily by the increase of volumetric concentration of the paste. With the increase of concentration of water only, the stability of the specimen is impaired simultaneously.
    Keywords: Bulk model, workability, bleeding, stability of specimen, stability boundary, unstable specimen.

  2. Type of paper: Paper in proceedings

    Title: More about Limestone in Cement

    Popović, Krešimir (73141)
    Krstulović, Petar (70770)
    Kamenić, Nevenka (20024)
    Radić, Jure
    Proceedings title: Graditelji u obnovi Hrvatske
    Language: hrvatski
    Place: Zagreb
    Year: 1994
    Pages: from 629 to 635
    Meeting: Treći radni sabor DHGK
    Held: from 10/13/94 to 10/15/94
    Summary: The justifiability of the use of limestone filler as an addition to cement is considered herein. The recent theoretical and experimental achievements in this particular field are presented. Discussing grindability, influence on hydration and efficiency of cement and clinker respectively, different opinions are compared from tehnical and economic aspects. Some recent papers and approaches to this respect are presented in more detail. As a general conclusion, the use of limestone filler is efficient from economic aspect, if limestone is added in quantities to the order of value of 5 %, despite the fact that limestone filler somewhat reduces the strength of cement composites.
    Keywords: Bulk model, intergrinding, grading, hydration, filler, pozzolan, efficiency, economy.

  3. Type of paper: Ph.D.

    Faculty: Građevinski fakultet Zagreb
    Date of defense: 04/23/91
    Language: hrvatski
    Number of pages: 165
    Summary: The first part presents a review of information from literature and the analysis of the present aproach, with special attention to rheological testing methods. The theoretical part gives a derivation of Bingham model oscillations due to excitation of the basis, taking into account the effect of buoyancy to the piston. Depending on the parameter of viscosity and yield value, six different types of model oscillations may appear. The vibration rheometer has been developed. Its essential parts are standard vebe-mold and cylindrical mass that penetrates the specimen. The penetration velocity and amplitude of mass oscillations are measured and the parameters of rheological model of the specimen are calculated, using the computer program. The final chapter contains the comparison of the test results with the data from literature and describes the limitations and possibilities of further development of the theory and the apparatus.
    Keywords: Specimen, bulk model, rheological model, rheometer, oscillatory system, types of oscillations, viscosity parameter, yield value.

  4. Type of paper: Manuscript

    Title: The New Method of Testing Fresh Concrete Under Vibration

    Krstulović, Petar (70770)
    Language: hrvatski
    Summary: On the basis of standard Vebe-method, a practical method for simple testing of fresh concrete, using the vibration rheometer, has been developed. The specimens of the entire range of normal specimens were tested, for two types of aggregate. The expressions and diagrams that define a relationship between the bulk model and the behavior of fresh concrete specimen, from a neat paste to a neat aggregate, have been developed, using methods of mathematical statistics. It has been found that a good correlation between parameter of behavior of the specimen in the vibration rheometer and the slump exists, for stable specimens. The irregularities of the behavior of unstable specimens are also presented.
    Keywords: Vibration rheometer, modified Vebe-time, slump, bulk model, correlation.

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