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Project code: 2-13-402

The system of selcted rooflighting of flexible hall spaces

Main researcher: KRSTULOVIĆ, BORIS (191730)

Type of research: developmental
Duration from: 12/30/91. to 05/31/94.

Papers on project (total): 1
Institution name: Građevinski fakultet, Zagreb (82)
Department/Institute: Institute for Building
Address: Kačićeva 26
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)1-4561-222/325
Fax: 385 (0)1-416-621

Summary: When in a working area of so-called "low halls" of 5 m in heightand over 22 m in width, and with deviation greater then +-12degrees of the main north-south axis, it is necessary toestablish selected (north) natural lighting of optimal intensityup to 600 lx and at the same time to provide the possibility offull flexible space partitioning in either orthogonal directions,there are no classic types of natural lighting which can fulfillthese conditions. Therefor, a new typeshould be found which willmeet all the set, and immanent, requirements of the system. With two specific prefabricated domes, which can be assembled anddissassembled, having a diagonal or orthogonal window andso-called straight element, selected roof natural lighting isguaranteed of optimal intensity up to 600 lx, regardless of thehall orientation, and the possibility of full flexibility ofspace partitioning in either orthogonal direction in accordancewith the needs of the technological organization can be secured.Because of the easy exchange of units on the roof the new systemenables permanent adjustability of lighting intensity, accordingto the needs of the working process.

Keywords: selected roof lighting, north light, hall lighting, flexible halllighting, hall partitioning, even lighting, natural rooflighting, hall axes in relation to the north

Research goals: A sytem of roof natural lighitng should be found which would always accept only selected (north) light regardless of the orientation of the main axes of the space underneath, as for an example in "low halls" up to 7 m in height. A system which would not waste large volumes of space. A system which could stisfy all immanent physical requirements of a buliding within the existing positive regulations. A system which would as necessary provide optimal natural lighting up to 600 lx on the working surface in the halls 5 m in height, evenly over the whole area, or of different intensity according to the needs in particular parts of the working process. In order to make system meet the latter requirement changes in lighting intensity must be provided, which are adjustable to suite changes in the organization of the technological process. The object is to provide a completely new roof lighting system, with the possibility of dense partitioning of the space bellow, in either of the orthogonal directions, in accordance with requirements, up to so-called 'elementary (indivisible) vertical space', and in this way to provide for all a sufficient amount of selected natural lighing.


  1. Name: PROTOTIP-68 laboratorijski ispitan
    Type of achievement: Prototypes
    Authors: Boris Krstulović

  2. Name: KU-69 izvedeni tip kupole na četri hale (1852 komada)
    Type of achievement: Prototypes
    Authors: Boris Krstulović

  3. Name: KU-80 izvedeni tip kupole na dva različita kompleksa
    Type of achievement: Other
    Authors: Boris Krstulović

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