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Project code: 3-01-003

The metabolism of iodine and thyroid hormons in degenerated thyroid gland

Main researcher: SOLTER, MILJENKO (74594)

Type of research: basic
Duration from: 04/30/91. to 04/30/96.

Papers on project (total): 4
Papers on project quoted in Current Contents: 1
Institution name: Medicinski fakultet, Zagreb (108)
Department/Institute: Institute for endocrinology, diabetes and metabolic diseases Department for internal medicine University hospital "Sestre milosrdnice"
Address: Vinogradska c. 29, Zagreb
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)174-666/682

Summary: On the bases of present knowledge about iodine prophylaxis in our country, we are going to investigate the influence of iodine intake on endemic goiter. We shall investigate the influence of altered thyrotropin secretion on thyroid hormons biosynthesis in thyroid tissue. By investigating the ability of T4 deiodination to T3 and reverse T3 in thyroid tissue in vitro, we aim to light up the capacity of hormone synthesis in various pathologycal tissues of thyroid gland.

Keywords: Iodine prophylaxis, Sporadic goiter, Cold thyroid nodules, Thyroid hormone biosynthesis, Intrathyroidal thyroid hormone concentration, Intrathyroidal thyroxine deiodination.

Research goals: We are planning to investigate the influence of the iodine intake on goitrogenic potential in our population particurarly considering the secretion of TSH as the basic goitrogenic principle thus to explain the relationship between the iodine intake and developement of the sporadic goiter in our country. To contribute further to the knowledge about thyroid hormone biosynthesis in degenerated thydoid tissues, the intrathyroidal concentration of thyroid hormons in conditions of altered TSH secretion will be investigated. We've modified our method for determination of intrathyroid content of thyroid hormons in tissue homogenates from thyroids obtained during operation. We shall also investigate some aspects of hormone synthesis in cold nodule and other pathologycal thyroid tissue (measuring the activity of 5 and 5' deiodinases). Thus we would test hypothesis that pathological thyroid tissue under conditions of good or even incresed activity of TSH produces more T3 than T4.

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