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Project code: 3-01-070


Main researcher: ŠVAJGER, ANTON (48696)

Type of research: basic
Duration from: 01/01/91. to 12/31/93.

Papers on project (total): 86
Papers on project quoted in Current Contents: 14
Institution name: Medicinski fakultet, Zagreb (108)
Department/Institute: Institute of Histology and Embryology, School of Medicine University of Zagreb
Address: Zagreb, Šalata 3
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)1 456 69 46
Fax: 385 (0)1 456 67 95

Summary: The project comprises several lines of investigation ofparticular problems, which have arisen during the previousinvestigations of developmental processes in mammals,particularlyat earlier developmental stages: (a) Role of thepre-gastrulation primitive endoderm in the differentiation of theprimitive ectoderm during the gastrulation of the rat embryo; (b)The ability of the embryonic rudiment of the rat pineal gland todifferentiate into atypical lens cells (lentoids) in ectopictransplants; (c) The possibility that atypical lens cells(lentoids) differentiate in human sacrococcygealteratoma; (d) Thepattern of differentiation of the rat elastic cartilage inconditions with altered sequence of biosynthetic events; (e)Appearance and role of intercellular junctions betweenodontoblasts during molar odontogenesis in mice; (f) Thesequenceof appearance of intramural neurons and the enteroendocrine cellsin the stomach of the rat embryo; (g) The role of apoptotic celldeath, the ventral ectodermal ridge and the basal lamina duringthe development of the tail bud in the rat embryo by the directmechanism.

Keywords: Mammalian embryo, Rat embryo, Mouse embryo, Germ layers,Endoderm, Ectoderm, Morphogenesis, Differentiation,Transdifferentiation,Pineal gland, Sacrococcygeal teratoma,Lentoids, Elastic cartilage, Odontogenesis, Intercellularjunctions, Intramural neurons, Enteroendocrine cells, Tail bud,Apoptosis, Ventral ectodermal ridge

Research goals: (In sequence as in Summary). (a) To establish whether the role of the primitive endoderm is restricted to the formation of extraembryonic parts, or it also plays a role in the embryogenesis proper; (b) In cell cultures of the chick embryonic rudiments of the pineal gland the pineal cells display the capacity to differentiate into lentoids; the question arises whether this capacity transdifferentiation is species - and/or experimental system - dependent or it may be regarded as universal; (c) Pigmented epithelium and neural retina can be found among the tissue constituents of human sacrococcygeal teratomas, but it is not yet known they can transdifferentiate into atypical lens cells; (d) It is the aim to establish whether the altered phenotype of the elastic cartilage in various experimental conditions can be related to the quantity and sequence of biosynthesis of particular constituents of the intercellular matrix; (e) To establish the appearance and the distributionof the communication intercellular junctions between post-mitotic odontoblasts as a parameter of coordinated activity of these cells; (f) With regard to the presumed interaction of intramural neurons and the enteroendocrine cells it is reasonable to establish the chronology of their appearance in the wall of the stomach of the rat embryo; (g) To inverstigate the mechanism of cell death during the morphogenesis in the rat embryo tail bud; to disclose the cytological characteristics of the ventral ectodermal ridge, its relationship to the basal lamina and its possible functional analogy with the apical ectodermal ridge of the limb bud.w

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