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Naslov: Sliding layers method for repairing vesico-vaginal fistulas

Miličić, Duško (31471)
Časopis: International Urogynecological journal
Broj: 5
ISSN: 0937--364
Volumen: 5
Godina: 1994
Stranice: od 335
Broj referenci: 20
Jezik: engleski
Sažetak: There are numerous well known methods for repairing vesicovaginal fistulas.Some of them use abdominal approach,while the majority use vaginal approach.The result will depend on the nature and position of fistulas,the patients general health condition, the method use the suture materials applied and also,of course,on the surgeons skill and postoperative care.As it is known,relapses are quite frequent.We use vaginal approach in repairing vesico-vaginal and urethro-vaginal fistulas.The operative technique applied differs from the other techniques in cutting, preparing and sewing of layers for covering fistulas.The mucosa and other parts of the fistula are first refreshed and after that less muscle tissue is prepared on one side of the fistula, and more on the other side,depending on the case.If more muscle tissue is prepared on the right side then a smaller amount of vaginal wall will be prepared on that side and vice-versa.The sutured mucosa of the fistula is than covered with bigger section of healthy muscle tissue resutured cca 1cm from the edge of the fistula with smaller part of prepared muscle on the oposite side. Following this the muscle layer is covered with bigger part of the prepared vaginal wall on one side sutured to smaller part of the prepared vaginal wall on the oposite side.
Ključne riječi: vezikovaginalna fistula, originalna operativna metoda

Naslov: New modification of abdominal operation in the therapy of stress incontinence in women

Miličić, Duško (31471)
Časopis: International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Broj: 3
ISSN: 0020--729
Volumen: 46
Godina: 1994
Stranice: od 231
Broj referenci: 15
Jezik: engleski
Sažetak: There are numerous vaginal and abdominal for correction of stress incontinence in women. Among many abdominal methods, Burch-s method is often used. Our method differs from Burch-s method at first in the approach because we used it after hysterectomiy propter myoma et all. in the same operation of several years later in cases where developed cystocoela and stress incontinence.Procedure is not retroperitoneal,i.e.without opening of the cavum Retzii. We prepared the urinary bladder from upper vaginal wall to the position of the bladder neck.Two fingers in the vagina exposes the upper vaginal wall to the surgeon who with dexon stich No2 pass through one side ligg.Rotundum but near its entering in the pelvis and with the same stich pass through the fascia and partly through upper vaginal wall lateral of the bladder neck. The sama procedure must be done on the other side and after the surgeon pulls ligg.Rotunda with both stiches on the upper vaginal wall. The operation is than finished. Todate 73 women have been operated using thus procedure and the result is very succesful. Normal micturition without urinary retention is established. Pains becuase of the extension of the ligaments had been expected but they did not arise.The operation is very simple and without any dangerous possibility what we can not say for Burch-s method. We did not perform our method in the cases without extirpation of the uterus because we are not sure about eventually pains at sexuall intercourse.
Ključne riječi: originalna abdominalna operacija, stresna inkontinencija

Naslov: Correctio fractionalis vaginalis of stress urinary incontinence in women

Miličić, Duško (31471)
Šprem, Marina
Časopis: International Gynaecological Journal
Broj: 3
ISSN: 0020-7292
Volumen: 46
Godina: 1994
Stranice: od 18
Broj referenci: 23
Jezik: engleski
Ključne riječi: vaginalni pristup, stresna inkontinencija urina

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