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Papers quoted in Current Contents on project 3-01-518

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Somogyi, Lehel
Mihelčić-Čikeš, Nada (30784)
Marušić, Matko (29254)
Journal: Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology
ISSN: 0300-9742
Volume: 22
Year: 1993
Pages: from 58 to 62
Number of references: 19
Language: engleski
Summary: The American Rheumatism Association (ARA) criteria for classification of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) were evaluated for sensitivity and specificity in 100 SLE patients and 100 patients with other rheumatic diseases, using Bayes' theorem. Scoring system was developed allowing simple determination of SLE probability. The evaluation revealed serologic tests and discoid lupus to be the most distinctive criteria while Raynaud's phenomenon, oral and nasal ulcers and arthritis were of less value. The outcome of the study pointed out the need for reevaluation of ARA criteria.
Keywords: Systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatic diseases, classification criteria


Bogadi-Šare, Ana (113110)
Zavalić, Marija (140641)
Journal: International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health
Number: 2
ISSN: 0340-0131
Volume: 66
Year: 1994
Pages: from 137 to 140
Number of references: 31
Language: engleski
Summary: Digital photoplethysmography and dermothermometry were applied in 16 healthy persons and 29 chain-saw workers, all grouped in accordance to "Stockholm Workshop" scale for hand-arm vibration syndrome. Both methods are able to detect microvessels' alterations, even in preclinical stage of the disease. With the 75% reduction in amplitude of the curve, photoplethysmography showed sensitivity of 62% and specificity of 87%. With the diagnostic limit of 90% within the recovery period, dermothermometry showed sensitivity of 69% and specificity of 72%.
Keywords: Chain-saw workers, vibration-induced white finger, finger skin blood flow, finger skin temperature, recovery rate


Brumen, Vlatka (119715)
Horvat, Đurđa (16303)
Bonić, Ivica (144316)
Journal: Microvascular Research
Number: 2
ISSN: 0026-2862
Volume: 47
Year: 1994
Pages: from 270 to 278
Number of references: 21
Language: engleski
Summary: The study was aimed at evaluating the justifiability of serial application of nailfold capillaroscopy, digital dermothermometry and digital photoplethysmography in diagnosis of vascular radiolesions in subjects occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation. For that purpose, 38 exposed and 30 control persons were examined by all 3 methods. The outcome of the study showed nailfold capillaroscopy and dermothermometry to be the most suitable combination of methods for detecting initial signs of peripheral microvessels' radiolesion, while photoplethysmography should be applied in clinically more advanced cases.
Keywords: radiolesion, microcirculation, capillaroscopy, dermothermometry, photoplethysmography

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