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Project code: 3-03-419


Main researcher: HERAK, MIROSLAV (15585)

Type of research: applied
Duration from: 07/08/92. to 07/01/95.

Papers on project (total): 9
Institution name: Veterinarski fakultet, Zagreb (53)
Department/Institute: Department of Reproduction Clinic of Obstetrics
Address: Heinzelova 55
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0) 2390-111
Phone: 385 (0) 2390-326

Summary: On the 150 cows which were inseminated 18-58 days earlier and on 46 mares which were mated 16-58 days earlier, and on 66 goats which were mated 30-70 days earlier possibility of early pregnancy diagnosis was investigated by using transrectal transducer of 5 MHz and a linear-array ultrasound electronic scanner (ALOHA echo camera SSD-210, DX II) with electronic printer (Mitsubishi video copy AP 8600). It was concluded that in the cows correctly diagnosis of early pregnancy can be established on day 28 after insemination (in 98% of cases), in the mares at the 16th day, but from 26th day accuracy is higher (in our investigation 100%), and in the goats differed in conection of the pregnancy stage (from 25th to 32nd days accuracy of diagnosis was 99%). By ultrasonic transrectal transducer genital organs (uterus and ovaries) in 114 cows and 84 mares were examined during sexual cycle. By controling development of follicles and corpora lutea on the ovaries of cows and mares we established that in the cows follicl is noticeable when had diametar of 4 mm, and size of follicle near ovulation was 14-18 mm, and rare 20 mm. Corpus luteum in the cows was noticeable 3-5 days after ovulation, and later during cycle to the next oestrus and later. In about 25% of cases we found in the corpus luteum cavity surounded with wall of 3-5 mm thickness. Size of corpora lutea was to the 10th day of cycle 12 x 13 mm to 18 x 16 mm, and during diestrus 22 x 15 mm to 25 x 22 mm. In the mares follicles were noticeable with diametar of 3 mm and later to the ovulationm when follicles had diametar of 4 to 7 cm. In the mare C.L. was detectable to the 16th day of cycle. In the 35 cows (donators) we controled ultrasonicly succes of superovulation and number of corpora lutea before the embryos were flushed out. Also by ultrasonic transducer we controled in the 23 cows results of oestrus induction with analoge of PGF 2 alpha and established that follicles were developed during 48 to 72 hours after injection, but only to the size of 10-12 mm.

Keywords: Ultrasound, echo, echogram, early pregnancy diagnosis, mare, cow, goat, ovaries, follicles, corpora lutea, sexual cycle.

Research goals: First task of this project is to investigate the earliest day when is possible to diagnosing pregnancy in the cows, mares and goats by ultrasound scanning and by progesterone concentration determination in blood or milk. Also tipical echosonograms will be taken for later use by practicioners on the field. During 1994./95. project will be continued by diagnosing of physiological and pathological changes on the ovaries and uterus of cows and mares. By this way it will be possible to improve results of insemination and mating of cows and mares. Also some disseases of ovaries and uterus could be adequate cured after ultrasound diagnosis. Results of this investigations will accelerate production of offspring.


  1. Name of project: 3-03-480 Embriotransfer u goveda
    Name of institution: Veterinarski fakultet - Zavod za reprodukciju i Klinika za porodiljstvo
    City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia


  1. Name of institution: Centar za reprodukciju u stočarstvu Hrvatske
    Type of institution: State institute
    Type of cooperation: Joint publishing of scientific papers
    City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia

  2. Name of institution: Farma mliječnih krava "Veliki Zdenci"
    Type of institution: Economical/Production
    Type of cooperation: Joint publishing of scientific papers
    City: Veliki Zdenci, HR

  3. Name of institution: Farma tovnih goveda "Poljanski Lug"
    Type of institution: Economical/Production
    Type of cooperation: Occasional exchange of information
    City: Vrbovec, HR


  1. Name: Osim objavljivanja radova, saznanja o postupcima rane dijagnostike graviditeta ultrazvučnom ehografijom prenijeli smo i na polaznike postdiplomskog studija, te na veterinare na terenu tijekom tečajeva za usavršavanje iz U.O., i studente fakulteta.
    Type of achievement: Teaching aids and educatio

  2. Name: Upoznali smo s mogućnošću praćenja razvoja folikula i žutih tijela tijekom ciklusa studente na redovnom i poslijediplomskom studiju i kolege na terenu u okviru tečajeva o suzbijanju steriliteta.
    Type of achievement: Teaching aids and educatio
    Authors: Miroslav Herak

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