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Project code: 4-01-172


Main researcher: ČAVLEK, MIROSLAV (85901)

Type of research: applied
Duration from: 02/01/93. to 02/01/03.

Papers on project (total): 0
Institution name: Duhanski institut, Zagreb (92)
Phone: 385 (0)1/228-222; 228-225
Fax: 385 (0)10/232-850

Summary: The research, which will be carried out over a number of years, will cover all the problems relating to the irrigation of tobacco and of some crops that can be grown in crop rotation with tobacco (wheat, barley, hemp, flax, soybeans, chamomile). The aim of the research will be not only to provide results that can be applied in practice, but also to establish and/or confirm theoretical explanations of the significance of water in plant physiology as well as the entier soil-water-plant relationship. Furthermore, the research will be aimed at explaining the mechanism and intensity of nutrient utilization in connection with the amounts of water in the individual phenophases of tobacco development. Parameters will be established for the evaluation of the tobacco maturity, the chemical composition of the leaf, tobacco-specific components and their dependence on the availability and amounts of nutrients in the soil, the intensity of photosynthesis and the amount of water in the various stages of plant development. The economic results will be analyzed (the need for irrigation, the choice of crops preceding tobacco). The research will be confirmed by exact field experiments on the experimental plot of the Tobacco Institute in Pitomaca, along with laboratory analyses of the soil and the chemical composition of the plant material in the Institute's laboratories in Zagreb.

Keywords: tobacco, bright Virginia, irrigation, nitrate-reductase, photosynthesis, nutrient utilization, leaching, chemical composition

Research goals: 1. To investigate the influence of the amount of water on thegrowth, development and metabolism of plants; 2. To investigated and explain the role of the enzymenitrate-reductase in tobacco nutrition; 3. To determine the intensity of tobacco photosynthesis under theconditions prevailing in north-west Croatia; 4. To study the processes of plant againg and determine theparameters for evaluating maturity; 5. To investigate the activity of the enzyme nitrate-reductase,nutrient utilization, photosynthesis, and the technologicalmaturity of tobacco depending on the amount of water in thestages of development; 6. To investigate the dynamics of mineralization of organicmatter in the soil in connection with fertilization and nutrientleaching (the ecological approach); 7. To investigate the content of raw smoke condensate in tobacco(health); 8. To establish the crop rotation and the method of growing thepreceding crop, which is subordinate to tobacco; 9. To establish the economic justification of irrigation andinvesting into irrigarion systems for tobacco and the prcedingcrops in crop rotation, and, on this basis, the choice of cropsfor crop rotation. The major contributions made by the results of this project willbe the gollowing: - scientific knowledge about the significance of water in plant(tobacco) physiology, knowledge about the way the activity of theenzyme nitrate-reductase influences nutrient utilization andknowledge about the dependence of enzyme activity andphotosynthesis on starch accumulation and chlorophylldecomposition, - knowledge about the rate and intensity of the decomposition oforganic matter in the soil and nitrogen leaching, - knowledge about the soil-water-plant relationship and thepractical application of this knowledge in the irrigation system, - establishing a scientific basis on which to solve moreeconomically some practical problems relating to irrigation andcrop rotation, - tobacco growing with less pollution of the environment and lessdanger to health.

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