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Project code: 4-05-015

Influence of energy level of a ration and genetic basis on cows' state energy

Main researcher: UREMOVIĆ, ZVONIMIR (43860)

Type of research: applied
Duration from: 01/01/91. to 12/31/95.

Papers on project (total): 4
Papers on project quoted in Current Contents: 1
Institution name: Agronomski fakultet, Zagreb (178)
Department/Institute: Department of animal science
Address: Svetošimunska 25
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0) 1 2335 777/2043

Summary: High-productive dairy cows are prone to metabolic and health disorders after calving because the energy produced in milk is much higher than the one taken through rations before and after calving. In the first part of the investigation, the most appropriate way of feeding was determined which could be taken as a basis for the new milk production tehnology. Its application can provide better utilization of genetic milking capacity and bring higher profits in milk production. Influence of rations with different level and concentration of energy in the preparatory stage of lactation on the results of milk production and cows' health condition was estimated by analyzing blood parameters (glucose, free fat acidds, cholesterole, AST-activity, The other part of theinvestigation, involving blood parameters analysis in young heifers, which influence the condition and the intensity of metabolism was established on determining the linkage with production capability of the same animals after calving. The expected results will permit earlier prediction of production capacity of heifers and in this way introduce new criteria in breeding for high-productive dairy cattle.

Keywords: milk production, cows, heifers, dry period, early lactation, level of energy, complete diets, body weight, glucose,albumines, globulines, cholesterol, FFA,AST, growth hormon, thyroxine, insulin

Research goals: Investigations conducted within the project should contribute to establishing new and more effective technologies in milk production and breeding methods. Therefore, the aim of the investigation was: 1. to determine the most favourable energy levels in rations fed to high-productive HF cows in preparatory stage of lactation (dry period and 90 days of early lactation) and thus allow more effective utilization of their genetic milking capacity. 2. to establish possibilities for earlier prediction of the condition of metabolism and production ability of heifers after calving by linking them with blood parameters (glucose, free fat, acids-SMK, cholesterole, GOT activity, growth hormone, thyroxine, insulin) taken at different growth stages. The investigations with the project are expected to contribute to finding the appropriate regime of feeding cows during the period when production capacity for milking is established, and determining rations with appropriate energy levels, which can help reduce frequency of metabolic and health disorder in cows' puerperium. Better metabolic and health condition should result in better fertility of cows and more effective utilization of their genetic milk production capacity. By linking metabolism condition of heifers in early stage and after calving, checking blood parameters, with their production abilities will permit to introduce nev physiological criteria in cattle breeding and earlier prediction of production capactity of heifers.


  1. Name of institution: VUPIK Vukovar
    Type of institution: State institute
    Type of cooperation: Joint publishing of scientific papers
    City: 56230 - Vukovar, Hrvatska

  2. Name of institution: Mljekara "Pionir" Županja
    Type of institution: State institute
    Type of cooperation: Occasional exchange of information
    City: Županja, Hrvatska


  1. Name: Nova tehnologija visoke proizvodnje mlijeka.
    Type of achievement: Technology
    Authors: Zvonimir Uremović, Marija Uremović

  2. Name: m

  3. Name: Nova metoda predviđanja proizvodnih sposobnosti junica
    Type of achievement: Technology
    Authors: Prof.dr. Zvonimir Uremović, Prof.dr. Marija Uremović

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