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Project code: 4-99-148

Biotechnical basis development of agricultural and food system

Main researcher: LOVRIĆ, TOMISLAV (57356)

Type of research: developmental
Duration from: 01/01/91. to 12/31/94.

Papers on project (total): 0
Institution name: Prehrambeno-biotehnološki fakultet, Zagreb (58)
Department/Institute: Department of process engineering
Address: Pierottijeva 6
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (41) 440-089
Fax: 385 (41) 418-230

Summary: Biotechnical function and ist development are starting points and key prerequisite for development of entire agriculture and food system. Therefore this project, concieved as a constituent part of macro project "Management and Marketing of the Agricultural and Food System" is dealing with studying trends in the respective contemporary technology, including biotechnology andall relevant disciplines, in order to , based on expert estimations of these trends and results of investigation, work out development system projection in all relevant segments. Besides it was indispensible to take into consideration results achieved in specific research projects because of the width of the biotechnical sphere. Morever by additional project "Food and Nutrition in War and Post-war Conditions" primar thematic disposition has been partially changed, as in the realizaiton of the project solutions of some actual problems in that sphere had to be given.

Keywords: development, agriculture, food, food technology, biotechnology, breeding, enviromental protection, evaluation - quality control

Research goals: The complexity of agriculture and food system imposes the necessity of coordinating all technological, biotechnological and technical factors in order to achieve product quality that could meet world standars and to improve manufacture processes being one of the primar tasks (aims) of this project. At the same time nad being the prerequisite for this demand are maximal exploitation of natural potentials and introduction of advanced and new technologies in all sectors - segments - food manufacture, its distribution and consuption, in general, in valorization of agricultural products, including consumers and environment protection. The project comprises particular segments of primar agricultural production and processing of agricultural products, either in food or in other products especially technology of products having high degree of finalization, including quality control. Results of research will enable more rapid development of the entire food system in new economic and proprietary conditions and its inclusion in international market by adapting relevant technologies to world market standards and elaborating all relevant factors for harmonization of good manufacturing practice (Good Manufacture Practice - GMP - conception) as well as quality evaluation based on risk estimation and critical point control during manufacture (Hazard Analysis and Control of Crytical points - HACCP - conception).

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