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Project code: 5-02-004

Development Strategy, Economic Sovereignty and Territorial Integrityof the Republic of Croatia

Main researcher: KULIĆ, SLAVKO (24541)

Type of research: developmental
Duration from: 01/01/91. to 01/01/95.

Papers on project (total): 21
Institution name: Ekonomski institut, Zagreb (2)
Department/Institute: Center for Strategic Research
Address: Trg J.F.Kennedya 7
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)235-700
Fax: 385 (0)235-165
Phone: 385 (0)223-675

Summary: Economic sovereigty as a result of development strategy and territorial integrity. Necessary degree of autonomy and high level of production authenticity are the strating premises of economic sovereignty and internal integrity as a category and freedom, as strating bases to contribution of development of Croatia and economic stability of relations in Europe. Development strategy as the way of realizam democratically approved objects and development of Croatia, must be the basis of creation, geverning and economy upon productive forces of Croatia, and presumption for territorial, economic, political, legel, social and defensive internal inegrity. Strategy as well dialectical discipline in the function of macro and micro decision, kind of stratgy, level of activity etc. Relation between state strategyof development and governing strategy (intermediary). Strategy as science and skill, as theory and practice, as creative and dynamic activity, as condition of existence of subjects and their inclusion into processes of development of Europe and world, more safety and certainty for all.

Keywords: development strategy, economic sovereignty, territorial integrity, strategy as science discipline, governing of development

Research goals: To brighten philosophically and theoretically the paradigm of strategies as the condition of existence and development in the light of interests, the world of states and the world of arms. To determine philosophically the paradigm of strategy in thoughtfully comprehensible instrument, and the strategist in prospection of result in the sense of complete comprehension about what the strategy is. To comprehend the complement of content of this paradigm to macro and micro strategists, in creation of new values and appreciation of newly created and usable values, from the aspect of social development, economic and social sovereignty of the Republic of Croatia. To elaborate theoretically the strategy as science and skill, as well as the theory and practice in realization of established objectives of development, and to comprehend the strategy as creative and dynamic activity. It is essential that our strategy knows and respects the objectives of other strategies. To comprehend the strategy as dialectic discipline, the relation of strategists in relation to strategy and prospection of result generally, as well as considering the Republic of Croatia. What the strategy of development of Croatia contributes to Europe and the world? To comprehend the relation between global strategy of state and managerial strategy of economic and social subjects, and interdependance of their activity to economic sovereignty and internal integrity of the Republic of Croatia. The results of research should give answers to interdependance between: - economic strategy of development as the real basis of development, - political strategies as the first derivations of economic and diplomatic strategy in the function of the previous ones - defensive strategy of the Republic of Croatia, in the sense of stability of relations on the Balkans, the Mediterranean, Europe and the world.


  1. Name: Obnova Hrvatskog građanskog društva - politička kontrola i državna uprava - zasade institucionalne analize str.133, (rukopis), Ekonomski institut Zagreb, 1993.
    Authors: Branko Babac (1093)

  2. Name: Regionalni aspekti efikasnosti poslovnih sredstava Hrvatske privrede 1990. godine, str. 213+123 (rukopis) Ekonomski institut Zagreb, 1993.
    Authors: Ivan Turčić(50696)

  3. Name: Strukturne karakteristike i efikasnost poslovanja Hrvatske industrije po regionalnim komorama 1990. godine , str. 248, (rukopis), Ekonomski institut Zagreb, 1993.
    Authors: Ivan Turčić (50696)

  4. Name: Osnove strategije, kao znanosti i vještine, kao teorijei prakse, str. 250. (rukopis), Ekonomski institut Zagreb, 1993.
    Authors: Slavko Kulić (24541)

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