SVIBOR - Project code: 5-02-009


Strossmayerov trg 4, HR - 10000 ZAGREB
tel.: +385 1 459 44 44, fax: +385 1 459 44 69


SVIBOR - Collecting Data on Projects in Croatia

Project code: 5-02-009


Main researcher: NIKIĆ, GORAZD (33383)

Type of research: applied
Duration from: 01/01/91. to 12/31/94.

Papers on project (total): 0
Institution name: Ekonomski institut, Zagreb (2)
Department/Institute: Division for the research oh international economic relations
Address: Trg J.F.Kennedya 7
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)214-990
Fax: 385 (0)235-165

Summary: The task of this project is assesment: of the level of tarif and non-tarif barriers in the Republic of Croatia, implications of the protection policy for the economic structure /assesment of the effective rate of protection/ and assesment of the role of protection in the industrial policy. At the very beggining of the research it vas necessarry to evaluate the level of the tarif and non-tarif protection for particular sectors of the economy. Starting from these findings assesments were carried out concerned with the influence of tarif and non-tarif protection on: /a/ stages of production, /b/ competitivness on the world market, and /c/ tendencies in the protection policy. Major part of research refers to the evalution of the effective rate of protection. Since nominal tarifs influence the cost-structure of all producers, it was considered as highly important to asses the sensitivity of particular sectors to the changes in the structure of nominal tarifs. For this purpose it was used input-output model developed for Croatia. First, an assesment of the import containt of particular sectors was carried out and then, the rate of effective protection for the sectors articulated in the input-output model was calculated. It is expected, that within this research, cryteria will be developed to be used in the process of restructuring the economy and diminishing the overall tarif and non-tarif protection.

Keywords: Policy of protection, tarifs, effectiv rate of protection, exchange rate, industrial policy, input-output model, raw materials, goods, services, liberalization

Research goals: Present comprehension of the character, structure and developmental implications of policy of protection in Croatia is very insufficient. Statistical data on tarif protection, not to mention non-tarif protection, until recently were either not available or unreliable. Comprehensive research in the fiels of the nature of protection in Croatia was therefore very limited. Besides, due to the restrictive practices of the imports /regimes,quotas, etc. /more precise analysis in the field of protection were substantially constrained. Elimination of restrictive practices as well as improvement in the statistical base have opened possibilities to conduct a more thorough research in the field of protection. These investigations should give an answer to some crucial questions like: is the level and structure of protection in the function of development or is it primarily determined by fiscal needs. Conseqeuntly, what is the effective rate of protection of particular industrial sectors and what is its influence upon the development of industrial structure in the full market environment. Also, there is an urgent need to evaluate various consequences of the decrease of the overall tarif protection, which should take plase in the process of accepting reciprocity and taking active part on the croatian side in the european integration. The prime goal of this project was to establish analitical ground for the policy of protection in Croatia which should be consistent with restructuring processes and implementation of full market environment. Analitical results of the research of effective rate of protection will be published as a book this year.

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