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SVIBOR - Collecting Data on Projects in Croatia

Project code: 5-03-208


Main researcher: CVITANIĆ, ANTUN (110375)

Type of research: basic
Duration from: 03/01/91. to 02/28/96.

Papers on project (total): 37
Papers on project quoted in Current Contents: 4
Institution name: Pravni fakultet, Split (18)
Phone: 385 (0)21 355-550 (centrala)
Phone: 385 (0)21 362-957 (Dekanat)
Fax: 385 (0)21 48-851

Summary: The research project adopts a multidisciplinary approach to the Dalmatian communal statutes, related documents and older works on this topic, with emphasis on legal-historical analyses. The project includes critical editions of the text of the statutes (generally written in Latin, some in Italian) and similar sources together with translations into Croatian, glosses and introductory chapters. Some statutes will be described in monographs, and specific features, branches of law and institutions of particular statutes are analysed in papers. Associated topics are also studied. A young researcher, Master of Laws, continues his study of Dalmatian statute law and at present works on his doctoral thesis. The publications within the framework of the project will popularize Croatian legal and cultural history, promote further study of the encounter of Croatian culture with other cultures and furnish evidence about the ancient presence of Croatian people in the Dalmatian region and their early "entry into Europe", as early as the 13th and 14th century, when the Dalmatian towns received Roman law only a few decades after the most civilized European towns of Italy and Southern France.

Keywords: town, statute, statute law, law of status, Roman law, Byzantine law, Franconian law, old Croatian law, Croatian-Hungarian law, Venetian law, canon law, autonomous commune, communal services, civil law, criminal law, procedural law, legal security, traffic of goods, problem of freedoms, Middle Ages

Research goals: The aim of the project is to pursue multidisciplinary research on the adoption of the best legal solutions of Roman and other origin in medieval communal statutes and similar legal documents of the Dalmatian region, their adjustment to our circumstances and further development of legal institutions that were created by the interaction of different cultures. The results of the project are represented by present and future publications: books which contain original Latin (and partly Italian) texts of the statutes, critical translations into Croatian with glosses and introductory legal-historical chapters; monographs on particular branches of medieval statute law including a master's dissertation and a doctoral thesis on this subject; published volumes of communal documents with critical translations from Latin and Italian and accompanying glosses; an annotated translation from Italian of a legal work by Jerolim Mičelović, who lived in Trogir in the 17th century; a series of papers and other articles on Dalmatian statutes and West-European culture, on the specific qualities of these statutes and particular institutions of the law of status, family law and property law, as well as criminal law and procedural law; and finally, some articles only indirectly related to the main problems but which shed additional light on the fundamental subject of our research.

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