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Project code: 5-05-213

Organizational design of enterprises in market economy

Main researcher: BUBLE, MARIN (95961)

Type of research: applied
Duration from: 01/01/91. to 12/31/93.

Papers on project (total): 3
Institution name: Ekonomski fakultet, Split (55)

Summary: Organizational design of enterprises in market economy is an important business strategy factor. It is the reason why the recognition of design patterns and rules becomes a very large scientific problem. Business efficiency very much depends on how to find a solution to it. Having this as a start point, this research has an objective to test existing paradigms of organization design analyzing present problems, and to present new paradigms and programs. An extensive research will be conducted in local (national) enterprises, because they are going to have very practical benefits using its results. The basic aspects would be: (1) enterprise and its performances relevant to the organizational desin, (2) contingency factors of influence on the organizational design of enterprise, (3) basic variables of organizational design of enterprise, (4) models of organizational design of enterprise. The results of this research would be presented both through usually ways (articles, essay, monographs, books etc.) and through master and doctoral theses.

Keywords: Organization, Organization Design, Enterprises Organization, Market Economy, Organizational Efficiency, Organizational Effectiveness.

Research goals: This research has several goals that can be classified into twobasic groups. First group is consisted oof scientific or cognitive objectivesdirected to: a) recognition of patterns of organizational design objects and processes b) put the rules of organizational design implementation of companies in real conditions and objectives. This would have to result in scientific contribution oforganizational design constitution as a scientific discipline. Second group of objectives is pragmatic ones grouped in two basicdirections. First direction should assure adequate methodological fundamentsof organizational design on which local companies would havedirect benefits. Second direction should give opportunity for preparation ofmaster (3) and doctoral (7) thesis of some researches. To conclude, contribution of proposed research is multiple,directed both to the development of organizational theory,especially organizational design, and to forming of youngscientists that are going to be the future promoters of organizational behaviour. During the Project duration, 3 publications were published: Organizational design od enterprises in market economy I (1992) and II (1993) and Organometric approach to evaluation and measurement of organization enterprise bonity (1994). Thus, over 30 papers by different authors participating in the Project, were presnted to the public.


  1. Name of project: 5-02-159 Mediteranski koncept nacionalnog gospodarstva
    Name of institution: Ekonomski fakultet Split
    City: 21000 - Split, Croatia

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