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Title: Adaptive behaviour of pupiles with mental handicap in integrated and special school settings in Croatia

Mavrin-Cavor (Igrić), Ljiljana (29954)
Journal: International Journal of Rehabilitation Research
Number: 2
ISSN: 0342-5282
Volume: 15
Year: 1992
Pages: from 129 to 134
Number of references: 7
Language: engleski
Summary: This comparison of different approaches to special education ofchildren with mental handicaps has not indicated that anyparticular approach has distinct advantages over all others asregards its influence on the socialization of such children.Nevertheles some advantages of an integrated approach have beensuggested and such results may suggest how new measures toachieve this objective could be made more effective. Althoughfurther progress will depend in part on more favourable economicconditions, a propriate legislation to promote the widerintegration of children with mental handicap is already in placeand the results from this study may suggest how this policyobjective could be achieved in future practice.
Keywords: special education, mental handicap, mental retardation, normalization, adaptive behaviour

Title: Treatment and Services for Mentally Retarded Persons with meantal Health Problems in Croatia

Igrić, Ljiljana
Journal: Journal of Intellectual Disability Research
Number: 1
ISSN: 0964-263
Volume: 37
Year: 1993
Pages: from 54 to 56
Number of references: 11
Language: engleski
Summary: As a result of uncoordinated goverment services for the socialprotection, education and health care in the Republic of Croatia,retarded persons are not included in adequate programs. TheDepartment of mental retardation, faculty of Defectology,University of zagreb initiated and carried out a number ofinvestigations with the purpose of improving care for thementally retarded with mental health problems. The effects ofdifferent rehabilitation programs for severely retarded personsplaced in the institutions and mildly retarded persons integratedinto regular schools, were evaluated. The intention is to includeefficient programs into educational procedures carried out in theeducational institutions, social protection institutions and toform a permanent service at the Faculty of Defectology. Suchservices would offer various kinds of help to retarded children,their parents, and would educate staff for such work.
Keywords: mental retardation,mental health,learning disabilities, rehabilitation programs, goverment services

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