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Project code: 5-07-218


Main researcher: PRSTAČIĆ, MIROSLAV (26150)

Type of research: applied
Duration from: 04/01/91. to 04/01/94.

Papers on project (total): 41
Papers on project quoted in Current Contents: 4
Institution name: Fakultet za defektologiju, Zagreb (13)
Department/Institute: Department for motility disturbancies and chronical diseases
Address: University of Zagreb, Faculty of defectology, Kušlanova 59a,
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (1) 2338-022
Fax: 385 (1) 229-950

Summary: The major effort in this project in the area of pediatric and adult oncology has been directed toward developing and evaluating of multifaced biopsychosocial supportive therapies of cancer patients. Folowing crosscultural signification of archetypal symbols illustrating developmentaly women-mother-child relationship in human being, theoretical and practical models of supportive therapie methods in women with breast canser and in child with malignant disease were conceptualised. Since human language is to feable to convey all the thoughts aroused by the alternation of life and death and the sublime hopes of the patients, conceptualisation and evaluation of supportive interventions on intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics related to coping with disease were applied by using of art medias, new communication tools, tehniques and instruments in therapy. ocusing on deep structural changes in assestment of bihevioural and existential adjustment experienced by the patients the aim was also to undertake investigations of relations among psychological, immunological and endocrinological parameters folowing supportive therapy interventions.

Keywords: psychosomatic, oncology, childhood cancer, breast cancer, mastectomy, psychosocial - endocrinological - immunological parameters, pain, quality of life, body-image, biofeedback, music, painting, body-symbolisation, guided imagery, aesthetic dimension, biopsychosocial model, self-esteem, creativity, catharsis, therapy

Research goals: The purpose of this research is to offer scientifical and practical guidlines to potential of life resource development in complementaire supportive therapy in women with breast cancer and in children with malignant diseases in the next main areas: Investigation of multiple axes designed to reflect the biopsychosocial traits of the child's or women's with cancer disease. Investigate of biopsychosocial aspects of catharsys and aesthetic dimension in therapy by applaying of art medias and other communication tools and instruments. Constructions and clinical application of new scales with generic and diseases specific quality of life components, complementaire projective tests and rating scales. Different dyagnosis and treatment in behavioural and existential area. Investigation of the capacity of the prophylactic and therapeutic function of creativity to alleviate symptoms, reverse pathology and afford the subject a more satisfying and successful adjustment to life. Investigation of the social impact of the illness upon the families of sufferers. Comparative investigation of effects of differents treatments in terms of therapy decision-making. Investigation the relations within and among psychosocial, psychophysiological and psychoneuroimmunological variables within the system of assestment in the applied supportive therapy models.


  1. Name of project: Essais cliniques controles visant a evaluer des methodes de therapie de soutien aupres de populations atteintes de cancer
    Name of institution: Centre de recherche et de traitments cancerologiques - CLAUDIUS REGAUD
    City: 31700 - Toulouse, France


  1. Name of institution: Središnji institut za tumore i slične bolesti, Odjel za rehabilitaciju
    Type of institution: International organization
    City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia

  2. Name of institution: Klinička bolnica "Sestre milosrdnice", Klinika za nuklearnu medicinu i onkologiju, Klinika za endokrinologiju
    Type of institution: International organization
    City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia

  3. Name of institution: Klinika za zaštitu majki i djece, Dječji onkološki odjel, Odjel za kirurgiju
    Type of institution: International organization
    City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia

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