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SVIBOR - Collecting Data on Projects in Croatia

Project code: 5-12-243


Main researcher: VUJIĆ, ANTUN (53622)

Type of research: basic
Duration from: 01/01/95.

Papers on project (total): 3
Institution name: Leksikografski zavod "Miroslav Krleža", Zagreb (75)
Department/Institute: Department for lexicography
Address: Frankopanska 26, I kat.
Phone: 385 (0)428-057, 456-244
Fax: 385 (0)434-948

Summary: The methodologic plan of the project has included the elaboration of the basic epistemological concepts of encyclopaedic lexicography. A thesis has been worked out about the encyclopaedic lexicography as a separate research discipline in the corpus on information sciences. The factors of autonomy of research method and connection factors have been analyzed with the related scientific fields - linguistics, information sciences, science about research work. A synthetic survey has been done about the evaluation of encyclopaedism, where the relations of social paradigms to the encyclopaedic interpretation have been specially evaluared with a thesis on the recognition of automonous scientific values in the context of society deideologization. It has been published in the following work:"The development of encyclopaedism and encyclopaedic evaluation"- Radovi LZ, br. 1 1991. str. 25-43. In the application sphere adesirable structure of encyclopaedic information and thestructure of an encyclopaedic unit have been suggested; theproblem of reference, relevancy and referential network have beendetermined in the encyclopaedic production applied to themethodology of the realization of Croatian Encyclopaedia andCroatian Dictionary. Scientific nomenclature has been specially elaborated and a new sort of qualification of scientific andexpert groups have been performed. A typology and a network of synthetic and analytic lexicographic units have been determine das a basis for the alphabetical order of the Croatian Encyclopaedia and Croatian Dictionary, which made it possible to work out and complete a full alphabetic list for both versions.In the course of the project the elaboration of all methodologicconditions have been investigated and determined in order to workout a full informatization of the realization process as anexceptionally intricate problem in encyclopaedic lexicography.Thus an immediate computerization of the working technique hasbeen realized as well. A real plan of structuring andlexicographic treatment of the complete Croatian nationalinventory with interdisciplinary cooperation within 17 sspecialexpert groups is also being performed. The following persons haveparticipated in the project: Jagoda Martinčić, Vitomir Unković(Died in 1992.), Rajka Zaninović (since 1. IV. 1993. as a younger research assistant). 3.I. 1996 Intensive work on the project has been continued. Dictionary entries have beenproduced for the first complete edition of a national Croatian Dictionary - HL (the first volume A-K is completely finished, while the rest of the entries K-Ž have all been compiled, filed and the editorial lexicographic work is being done). The information-computerized network has also been established. The interdisciplinary investigation within the 17 scientific expert groups has been carried on with the aim of completing the alphabetic order for the Croatian Encyclopaedia - HE (the order is fufilled for the first volume A-D, and the texts are being compiled). For the realization of the alphabetic order of HE some new methodological research has been necessary; epistemological and axiological assumptions have been offered for producing new, larger synthetical lexicographic entries out of those that were programmed for the edition of HL and the propositions have been given for working out bigraphical and notional entries into larrger synthetical ones (presented in an internal elaboration). Axiological investigation has been carried out on the so-called negative alphabetic order of HL ("cleansing" of those lexicographic entries that did not possess sufficient informative level, typological definition or social and socio-historical validity). A verification research of the final alphabetic order of HL has been applied (comparison of the alphabetic order with the lexicographic inventory of all the former editions containing the national contens. An internal enquiry has also been made to the Information Department of the Lexicographic Institute "M. Krleža" within which the recent methodology of produciong lexicographic and encyclopedic untis has been planned (alphabetical order, computer input of each individual article, computer input, final article form i.e. the lay-out). On the education level occasional cooperation has been planned between the project leader and its members with the participants of the Post Graduate Studies of Information Sciences. The exchange has been carried out of most recent literature in the field of encyclopedic lexicography as a scientific discipline (a lecture held by Antun Vujić to the request of Alka Horvat, Ph.D). A post graduate work is being written by a research assistant (Rajka Zaninović) about the epistemology of Nicolai Hartmann. Part of the work is referring to research of the relevance and influence of theory on science, on scientific axiology, on methodology and nomenclature as well as on scientific category apparatus and science about science (scintific systematization). Participators of the continuing project are Antun Vujić, Ph. D (leader), Rajka Zaninović (research assistant), Neda Karlović, M.A. (resarch assistant) and the editors from all 17 scientific expert groups, i. e. about 500 scientists and specialists.

Keywords: encyclopaedism, lexicography, information sciences, linguistics, science on research work, research pardigm, evaluation, informative qualitiy, reference quality, relevance, speciality determination, informatization, computorization, scientific nomenclature, typology of lexicographic units 28.XII.1995. encyclopaedic lexicography, national lexicographic contents, information-computerized network, comparative and interdisciplinary research, methodological research, lexicographic entry, verification work, production methodology for dictionary and encyclopedia entries, lexicographic education, axiology, methodology, nomenclature, science systematization

Research goals: The aims of the project are in the development of the realproduction sphere of the Croatian encyclopaedic lexicography andin the new working techniques along side with lexicographic education, specially for younger research assistaants and numerous special professional groups with the purpose of educating new generations of Croatian lexicographers. 28. XII. 1995. The project aims are: the development of encyclopaedic lexicography and its establishment as a scientific discipline; a contribution to research of establishing, axiology and systematization of science in general as part of the strictly theoretical activity; education and spreading of lexicography to young research workers from various scientific fields; the development of new lexicographic methodology and production, publication of the first volume of HL (A to K), and until the end of 1996. the second (final) volume of HL.

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