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Project code: 6-01-258

Philosophy and the Spirit of Christianity

Main researcher: CIPRA, MARIJAN (6923)

Type of research: basic
Duration from: 06/30/92.

Papers on project (total): 11
Institution name: Institut za filozofiju, Zagreb (191)
Department/Institute: Institute of Philosophy
Address: Ulica grada Vukovara 54/IV, 10000 Zagreb
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)1 61 11 984
Fax: 385 (0)1 511 841

Summary: The aim of the project is to investigate the historical and systematic co-relation between two themes that are as old as the spiritual history of Europe. Historical research leans on vast historical material, as offered by the first Christian Fathers and Augustine through the Middle Ages and Scholasticism to the modern age. The guiding thread of research is the idea of the autonomy and homogenity of two spiritual orientations which are characterized by philosophy on the one hand and religion on the other. Systematic examination relates to the essence of philosophy and the essence of Christianity, as well as their possible mutual relationship or mediation. Following an account of the answers given by the spiritual history of the West, whether in philosophy or in theology, the solution to this co-relation is sought in personalistic-existential orientations and decisions.

Keywords: philosophy, theology, autonomy, heteronomy, person, existence, science, faith, mediation,, conversion

Research goals: The aim of research is to once more actualize the theme which is the basis of the spiritual history of Europe. Given that the course of fundamental philosophy reaches a crisis in Heidegger's attempt at the deconstruction of Western philosophy as metaphysics and ontotheology, renewed reflection on the relation between philosophy and the spirit of Christianity is fruitful for philosophy as well as the "renewal of Christian faith". Indeed, it is worthwhile to take into account Nietzsche's thesis about the "death of God" and his negative position on the values of truth as such. Here there simultaneously emerges the problem of nihilism which hits hard at the philosophical concept of Being and the religious idea of God. Finding an answer to the question on the relation between philosophy and Christianity should not be sought in the already established paths of metaphysics nor in theology, but in personalistic-existential orientations and decisions.

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