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Project code: 6-02-321

The Vlachs: an ancient Balkan population from their appearance in history until today

Main researcher: MIRDITA, ZEF (201650)

Type of research: basic
Duration from: 01/01/93. to 01/01/98.

Papers on project (total): 13
Institution name: Institut za suvremenu povijest, Zagreb (19)
Department/Institute: The Vlachs - an ancient Balkan population from their appearance in history until today
Address: Opatička 10
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (041) 422-888 ku}ni 41
Fax: 385 (041) 428-199
E-mail: mirdizef¦

Summary: The Vlachs remained a seperate ethnos in spite of their historical fate that reflected itself in a process of assimilation with ethno-cultural groups amongst whom they lived. It is very important to stress this fact in order to comprehend the complex historical process of the Balkan peoples during several fateful periods including the tragic events of today. By publishing elementary sources (Vlach laws of the Ottoman empire, some law codes (kanunname) and the last Vlach laws that were issued by the Habsburg Monarchy (Military Frontier) and date from the 17th century), treatises and monographs, this project deals with the most important elements of Vlach history. In this manner we try to found a systematic research for the study of the historical development of the Vlachs relating to their ethnogenesis, relations to Byzantium, colonisation by the Ottoman, Venetian and Habsburg authorities during the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th century in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Croatian Kingdom, up until their ethnic disappearance in the 19th century. The research of the part that was played by the Serbian orthodox church in the proces of Serbicizing the Vlachs during the 18th and 19th century has our specific interest. Exploring the old Croatian Vlachs as a resident population in a great part of Croatia will undoubtedly be of significant scientific value.

Keywords: Vlachs, Balkans, Ottoman, Venetian and Habsburg colonisation, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatian Kingdom, summer pastures, Military Frontier, Islamizing, Serbicizing, assimilation, Aromanians, Aryans, Bogomils, Orthodoxy.

Research goals: The Vlachs are undoubtedly a historical phenomenon of the Balkans. They left deep traces in the histories of all Balkan peoples. Alas the Balkan national historiographies up until now moslty surpressed the fact of the Vlach history as a seperate ethnicum. That's why this project is focused on the problem of their assimilation and slavicizing. A wholesome analyses of the most elemetary components of the Vlach reality will point out that in spite of a continuous assimilation-process, the remained Vlachs. This project will shed new light on the process of Serbicizing the immigrated Vlachs on Croat soil and in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Tis project intends to answer the question of the ethnical background of today's Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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