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Project code: 6-03-188

Croatian Literary Baroque in Slavonia

Main researcher: MATANOVIĆ, JULIJANA (122970)

Type of research: basic
Duration from: 02/15/91. to 12/31/94.

Papers on project (total): 111
Institution name: Pedagoški fakultet, Osijek (122)
Department/Institute: -
Address: L.Jaegera 9
City: 31000 - Osijek, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)31 125 199
Fax: 385 (0)31 126 757

Summary: "Slavonian genre system" and stylistic characteristic of literary texts written at the end of 17. and beginning of 18. century were insufficiently researched and present in the literary history. The participants of this Project tried to remedy that through documental research and reading of literary texts from that period. It's only now, after finished research, organised Symposium (where were presented papers even by those scientist that were not involved in the Project), and the publication of the Proceedings, that we can talk with relevance about theoretical and historical questions regarding the presence of baroque variety on Slavonian literary ground. Proceedings KEYS TO THE PARADISE (outcome of the research) elaborate in a number of essays through various approaches, analyses of Tomo Matić, Dragutin Prohaska, Matko Peić, who, by then, dealt with 18. century Slavonian literature in most detailed way.

Keywords: baroque, elements and variants, primary and secondary genres, laugh, idea-thematic level,

Research goals: Before we started with the work on this Projekt we were aware of the fact that following groups of writers were not researched enough: ecclesiastic and religious writers of Counter-Reformation (Šimun Mecić, Nikola Kesić, Emerik Pavić,Đuro Rapić, etc.), futher, writers of classicist ratinalism from the period of Enlightment (Ivan Velikanović, Jerolim Lipovčić),and Kačić's imitators from Slavonia and writers of so called war literature in Slavonia (Adam Tadija Blagojević, Josip Krmpotić, Josip Milunović, etc.). The fact that Croatian literature at the end of 17. and beginning of 18. century in Slavonia is in its greater part unknown resulted with following objectives of proposed Project: 1) Besides rereading of authors already analysed and dealt with, our research is expanded on, so far, unknown corpus, both printed and in manuscripts. Elements of baroque are recognised (thematical, stylistic and genre) and representatives singled out. 2) The corpus is being evaluated and some new information is added to what we already know about Slavonian literature of Croatian literary baroque, the reading of which is conducted in the context of Croatian literature of 17. and 18. century. 3) Work on this Project inspires some of the researchers to dedicate their significant scientific work to 18. century Slavonian literature (e.g. the Ph.d. thesis of Zlata Šundalić, has to do with liturgical genres of 18. century). 4) First results of the research are presented on the Symposium Croatian literary baroque and 18. century Slavonian literature (Osijek-Požega, 10-12 Nov., 1993). This Symposium expanded the subject of the Project. Not only distinguished schoolars took part in this project but also young teachers who had just finished their studies of Croatian language and literature and who during the course of their studies showed interest for literary corpus of the Project. Thirty papers presented on the Symposium explained some general problems of 18. century Slavonien literature, analysed some of the genres, interpreted some of the writers (with the stress on Antun Kanižlić), drew attention to previous interpretations and different approaches, pointed out literary connections of that period and explained the language of 18. century Slavonian writers. 5) The work on the research (esp. of those involved in the Project) is continued even after the Symposium. Some texts that are related to the same topic are written, although these authors are not actively involved in the Project itself (e.g. the text by Dubravka Crnojević Carić: Interpretation of Slavonian Judita, which was presented at the first Slavistic Congress in Pula, and is published in the Revija). The research is concluded by publishing of Proceedings, that is to say, the collection of the papers presented at the Symposium. The papers show the depth of the discussed topics and justify the four year long research. Julijana Matanović: KEYS TO THE PARADISE; Pavao Pavličić: CROATIAN BAROQUE VERSE AS GENERAL PHENOMENON; Davor Dukić: HISTORICAL EPIC POETRY IN 18. CENTURY SLAVONIAN LITERATURE; Ružica Pšihistal: PROBLEM OF SLAVONIAN BAROQUE IN CROATIAN SCIENCE AND LITERATURE; Nina A. Pogačnik: SLAVONIAN BAROQUE INTERPRETED BY BRANKO VODNIK; Stanislav Marijanović: GUNDULIĆ AND SLAVONIAN BAROQUE POETS; Dunja Fališevac: POETICS AND IDEOLOGY OF KRMPOTIĆ'S EPIC: VOYAGE TO CRIMEA OF KATARINA II. AND JOZO II.; Omerka Žigić: TWO PANEGYRIC POEMS BY JOSIP KRMPOTIĆ; Helena Sablić: THE REFLEX OF BAROQUE RETHORICS IN ANTUN IVANIŠEVIĆ'S OPIVANE SLIČNORIČNOM GROBA I.A. ČOLNIĆA; Suzana Marjanić: POETICS OF THE CHRISTIAN AND BRAHMAN IN NAUK POLITIČKI I MORALSKI OF PILPAJ BRAMINE, FILOSOFA INDIJANSKOGA (TRANSLATED) BY MATIJA ANTUN RELJKOVIĆ; Nikola Batušić: THE DRAMA AND THE THEATRE IN KATANČIĆ'S LITERARY WORK ON ILLYRIAN POETRY WRITTEN ACCORDING TO THE LAWS OF AESTHETICS; Dubravko Jelčić: BAROQUE ILLUMINATION OR ILLUMINATING BAROQUE OF ADAM FILIPOVIĆ; Zoran Kravar: OBJECTS AND SIGNS IN THEMATICAL WORLD OF SVETA ROŽALIJA; Zlata Šundalić: PRAYER IN KANIŽLIĆ'S WORK; Branka B. Vujić: MODEL OF THE FOLK'S HUMOUR IN KANIŽLIĆ'S SVETA ROŽALIJA AND 18. CENTURY SLAVONIAN LITERATURE; Milovan Tatarin: THE STRUCTURE OF ANTUN KANIŽLIĆ'S SVETA ROŽALIJA IN THE OPTICS OF GREIMA'S SEMIOTIC QUADRANGLE; Bogdan Mesinger: PLAGUE'S BAROQUE FACE; Milorad Nikčević: BOKA KOTORSKA BAY'S BAROQUE LITERATURE AND ITS THEMATICAL AND MOTIVE, AS WELL AS LINGUISTIC AND STYLISTIC CONTACTS WITH SLAVONIAN BAROQUE; Hrvojka Mihanović Salopek: PECULIARITIES OF CROATIAN MUSICAL BAROQUE IN THE FIELD OF CROATIAN HYMNODY AND THE ORGAN MUSIC; Josip Vončina: REFLEXION OF DUBROVNIK BAROQUE IN KANIŽLIĆ'S LANGUAGE; Snježana Kordić: RELATIVE CLAUSE IN RELJKOVIĆ'S SATIR AND 20. CENTURY LANGUAGE; Ljiljana Kolenić. COMPILING OF FRASAL DICTIONARIES BASED ON THE WORKS OF 18. CENTURY SLAVONIAN WRITERS; Loretana Farkaš: "SLAVONIAN LANGUAGE" OR BEGINNINGS OF CROATIAN LITERARY STANDARD IN THE WORKS OF M.A. RELJKOVIĆ.

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