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Project code: 6-99-186

Split region from 1880-1941. (a multidisciplinaty research)

Main researcher: KALOGJERA, ANTE (90963)

Type of research: basic
Duration from: 01/01/91. to 12/31/96.

Papers on project (total): 32
Institution name: Fakultet prirodoslovno matematičkih znanosti i odgojnih područja, Split (177)

Summary: The project deals with : historical and social conditions ofthe Split region from 1880-1941.; demographic and socialgeographical problems ofthe region in its most turbulent; literary conditions and their rteflection in society, and influence in a larger context of oral and written literature; linguistic phenomen such as Split dialect, sociolinnguistics and anthroponymy, music life in Split, its production, performance, training and distribution; history of scool system of the Split region and its role in a larger even national frame; the imprtance and value of curtular and historirac heritage, and its historical and artistic evaluation; etnographical development ofthe region and influence of migrations on etnological situation.

Keywords: history, demography, literature, linguistics, musicology, scool organisation, art hgistory, etnology.

Research goals: In the first phase the main aim ofthe research is to gather material from aim ofthe research is the gather material from the mentoined fields and to systematize it. In the secon phase this material will be analyzed and synthesis will be given. The ultimate aim will be publication of several volumes on social and humanistic researchs ofthe Split region from 1880-1941.


  1. Name: Projekt PMF-a Zagreb, br. 1-10-062, Gewomorfološka karta R. Hrvatske
    Type of achievement: Other
    Authors: Kalođera Ante

  2. Name: Projekt Zavoda za jezik HAZU, Antroponimija srpskog pučanstva u Dalmaciji
    Authors: Bjelanović Živkko

  3. Name: Projekt Ivan Meštrović - analitička monografija
    Authors: Kečkemt Duško

  4. Name: Projekt Zavoda za znanstveni i umjetnički rad HAZU Split "Međusobni odnosi i utjecaji regija i država u području Jadranskoga mora"
    Authors: Mimica Ivan

  5. Name: Projekt Zavoda za muzikološka istraživanja HAZU Split "Glazbena produkcija u Splitu između dva rata 1918-1941.g."
    Authors: Škunca Mirjana

  6. Name: Glavni istraživač na projektu Zavoda za znanstveni i umjetnički rad HAZU-Split, "Međusovni odnosi i utjecaj regija i država u području Jadranskoga mora"
    Authors: Čulinović-Konstatinović Vesna

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