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Title: Mechanism of Abrasive Erosion of the Turbine Blades

Staniša, Branko (64343)
Journal: Strojarstvo
Number: 3/5
ISSN: 0562-1887
Volume: 34
Year: 1992
Pages: from 109 to 116
Number of references: 28
Language: hrvatski
Summary: The erosion of rotor blades of steam turbine regulation stage is a significant problem because of impact and abrasive attacking of solid particles in a steam. In order to determin erosion speed and how to prevent it, it is necessary to know the mechanism of blade erosion distroying though attack of solid particles. This study researches erosion mechanism of the steam turbine rotor blades during impact and abrasive attacking of solid particles. It has been concluded that in erosion distroying of turbine blades more mechanisms are acting, where the greatest part of the materials mass is removed in the form of small platelets.
Keywords: erosion, solid particle, rotor blade, steam turbine

Title: Abrasive Erosion of the Turbine Blades and Methods of their Protection

Oršanić, Ž.
Staniša, Branko (64343)
Jakovljević, M.
Journal: Zbornik radova, FSB Zagreb
ISSN: 0350-3097
Volume: XVII
Year: 1993
Pages: from 185 to 193
Number of references: 12
Language: hrvatski
Summary: The paper presents the causes and principles and prevention of the tribological mechanism due to the abrasive erosion of the turbine blades. The result of this tribological activity is decreased reliability, efficiency and life time of turbine blades. The mechanism of erosion of the turbine blades is explained in cosequence of the impact and abrasive attacks of solid particles in a steam stream where the greatest part of the material mass is washed away in the form of small platelets.

Title: The effect of the impact angle of water droplets to the erosion process of the rotor blade material of steam turbines

Staniša, Branko (64343)
Povarov, O.,A.
Riženkov, V.,A.
Journal: BWK
Number: 3
ISSN: 0006-9612
Volume: 44
Year: 1992
Pages: from 93 to 97
Number of references: 22
Language: njemački

Title: Erosion process and estimation the service life of rotor blades of condensation turbines with satureted steam

Staniša, Branko (64343)
Journal: BWK
Number: 1/2
ISSN: 0006-9612
Volume: 46
Year: 1994
Pages: from 48 to 52
Number of references: 35
Language: njemački

Title: Erosion Behaviour and Mechanisms for Steam Turbine Rotor Blades

Staniša, Branko (64343)
Ivušić, Vinko (76223)
Journal: Wear
ISSN: 0043-1648
Volume: 186
Year: 1995
Pages: from 395 to 400
Number of references: 14
Language: engleski
Summary: The erosion caused by wet steam flow reduces the efficiency of the last stage rotor blades of condesing steam turbines, and makes their service life shorter. To date there has been insufficient data on the erosion process which the steam turbine rotor blades are subject to during the operation, data which couled be a basis for development and verification of mathematical models to estimate the service life of eroded rotor blades. This paper reviews the results of many years monitoring and researching of the laws of the erosion process and its mechanism for rotor blades of condensing steam turbines. On the basis of the obtained laws of the rotor blades erosion process and a simplified model their service life is estimated.
Keywords: steam, erosion, turbine rotor blades

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