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SVIBOR - Collecting Data on Projects in Croatia

Project code: 2-08-196


Main researcher: PILIĆ, LJILJANA (37220)

Type of research: developmental
Duration from: 06/01/91.

Papers on project (total): 28
Institution name: Fakultet elektrotehnike,strojarstva i brodogradnje, Split (23)
Department/Institute: Department for Machinery and Naval Architecture
Address: Boškovićeva b.b.
City: 21000 - Split, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)21 563 777
Fax: 385 (0)21 563 877

Summary: 77expert system named CRO-EOL, for the use of wind energy is developed in this project as systematic method. The expert system connects the choice of the wind turbine siting and their number and the optimal windturbine unit. The computer program for the multicriteria choice of wind turbine siting is developed. The program for the wind turbine design and characteristics developed before is improved. This program is based on the new conception of the design wind velocity. The new computer program for the choice of commercial wind turbine generator is developed. The expert system integrates the programs mentioned for the task of choice of the optimal windgenerator unit. The expert system have the open structure and consists of three knowledge base, the user's requirements and the inference engine. The knowledge base are made from the data of windturbine siting, the parameters of the windturbine optimalization and commercial windgenerator data. The user's requirements gives the limits of the choice of windturbine siting and the siye and number of commercial windturbines. The inference engine with the modern decision method implemented communicates with the knowledge base and user's requirements in order to choice an optimal solution of wind turbine generator system. The inference engine is founded on the criterion of maximum quantity of energy converted and for minimum specific energy cost.

Keywords: expert system, wind turbine, optimisation, wind potentials of windturbine siting

Research goals: The goals for the development of expert system is the improvment and the connection of the dependent of subprograms for the optimal wingenerator choice. The expert system is the harmonised computer program which gives posibility of choising between combinations of windgenerators for the best one based on economical criterion. The results of the expert system operation depends of connecting knowledge data and new data. This is possible because of the open structure of this expert system. The expert system on this developing level can be used for the further researching of the optimalisation of windturbine design in connection with the input data specialy of the desgn wind velocity. The posibilities of expert system for the wingenerator designing for the specific siting depends of reached development of inference engine. But the possibilities also depends of further development of the knowledge and data base. This refers specialy to the windpotentials data and other parametres connecting with the choosing of windturbine siting. The data base of the commercial windgenerator is important to actualised specialy for the economical evaluation of wind energy use by windpower systems. The target is on the base of new data and knowledge of expert system to developed further in function of the modern designinig of wind power systems.


  1. Name: Integrated Planning Study for the Island of Rhodes/Activity No: 7. (Wind Power) for United Nations Envionment Programme
    Type of achievement: Studies of conduct
    Authors: Lj.Pilić, Z.Milas, B.Klarin, M.Sansević-Novaković

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