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Title: Omiš bypass with the bridge over the Cetina River

Radnić, Jure (70834)
Smoljanović, Marko (43871)
Lozić, Ivo (26600)
Dorić, Vjekoslav (108581)
Journal: Građevinar
Number: 3
ISSN: 0350-2465
Volume: 43
Year: 1991
Pages: from 129 to 136
Number of references: 7
Language: hrvatski
Summary: The paper critically evaluates the chosen solution for the Omiš Bypass route, which was the basis a public competition for the bridge over the Cetina River. The authors believe that the adopted solution of the route is not optimal, since the ambiental features of the region were not taken into account adequately. Therefore, not a single proposed solution for the bridge is acceptable. New solution for the route and the bridge which, the authors consider, meet the necesasary criteria more, are proposed.

Title: An evaluation of multycriteria analysis for DSS in public policy decision

Mladineo, Nenad (70823)
Lozić, Ivo (26600)
Knezić (ex Stošić), Snježana (163740)
Journal: European Journal of Operational Research
Number: 1
ISSN: 0377-2217
Volume: 61
Year: 1992
Pages: from 219 to 229
Number of references: 8
Language: engleski
Summary: The definition of the routes for the future Adriatic highway along the Adriatic coast has given rise to a great number of discussions, dilemmas, conflicting interests and attitudes, considering the two alternatives of the route, i. e. the coastal and the continental one. Since the "classical" methods (primarily feasibility studies), have yielded almost the same results for both alternatives, the government (the road management authorities) have decided upon the application of multicriteria analysis for finding the optimal alternative of the highway route. Applaying multicriteria analysis, i. e. the PROMETHEE method and the program package GAIA, it was attempted to 'model'a very complex structure of the problem and by engaging a team of experts to make as objektive as possible the evaluation procedure and the weight pondering of each group of criteria which were evidently in conflict. The influence exerted by parameters of each criterion weight on the obtained solutio was estimated by different scenarios of weight pondering, and by an analysis of the stability of criterion weights. The paper also presents further development of the methodology used for deciding on alternative solutions of the highway route according to the DSS concept. Consequently, further phases include the integration ofthe data bases, model bases and the dialoque generator with the graphic interpretation of the results.
Keywords: Decision Support System, Public policy, Multiple criteria, Practise


Lozić, Ivo (26600)
Miličević, Marinko (163703)
Journal: Ceste i mostovi
Number: 9-10
ISSN: 0411-6380
Volume: 40
Year: 1994
Pages: from 413 to 418
Number of references: 6
Language: hrvatski
Summary: Very intense use of the high-value attractive space and structures in the city centre attracts all kinds of traffic flows (public transportation, private cars and passenger transport). These traffic flows have taken place on limitted traffic surfaces in the conditions of heawy traffic and low level of service. The existing disproportions in mentioned traffic demand and supply could be solved by optimal travel volume distribution to all traffic system modes enforcing the use of public city transportation. The optimal distribution of different modes enforcing the use of public city transportation. The optimal distribution of different modes in city centre will give better comfort and allow future users to reach the attractive areas and historical monuments. The research and planning of the garage structures design and construction in city centre should be a permanent process.
Keywords: Garages, Urban Area, Traffic flow

Title: Traffic Apected Analysis of Impact of 'Vukovarska' Garage Facility upon the Immediate Neighbourhood Traffic Network

Lozić, Ivo (26600)
Cvitanić, Dražen (300894)
Journal: Suvremeni promet
Number: 5-6
ISSN: 0351-1898
Volume: 14
Year: 1994
Pages: from 255 to 261
Number of references: 5
Language: hrvatski
Summary: Concentration of traffic flows of all aspects in the central urban areas requires a detailed analysis of the existing state and solution for the established plan period for origin-destination and transit traffic and particularly for stationary traffic. The elaborated study on the possibilities of construction of garage facilities in the Central Split area has defined possible locations, taking into account the urban planning and traffic requirements of individual locations. Intense traffic flows at the entrance and in particular at the exit of the garage facillity happen over a rather short period and could result in negative impacts upon traffic flows in the traffic network of the immediate neighbourhood, especially at intersections. Therefore it is necessary upon planning and designing of garage facilities to carry out a detailed analysis of effects upon traffic flows of the immediate neighbourhood. Vukovarska garage facility is located in the central urban area in the vicinity of two major urban traffic routes and is one of the priority facilities, so the paper deals with a detailed procedure of establishing the impacts on traffic flows of its immediate neighbourhood.
Keywords: Garage facilities, central urban area, traffic flow

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