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Title: Measuring Gas Transmission through Porous Materials

Čalogović, Vladimir (89104)
Number: 2
Volume: 47
Year: 1995
Pages: from 61 to 66
Number of references: 27
Language: hrvatski
Summary: The theory of capollary flow has been applied for modeling the capillary movment of water in a concrete specimen. The H-formulation of the mathematical model for capillary water transport has been used. Physical processes are described using the partial differential equation solved through the finite-element method in space domain and through the finite difference method in time domain, for the axial-symmetrical problem. The space domain is reperesented by cylindrical concrete sample.
Keywords: modeling, capillary water, concrete, diffusion, mathematical model, finite elements, finite differences

Title: Gas permeability measurement of porous materials (concrete) by time-variable pressure difference method

Čalogović, Vladimir (89104)
Number: 5
Volume: 25
Year: 1995
Pages: from 1054 to 1062
Number of references: 28
Language: engleski
Summary: The theoretical approach for the determination of specific gas permeability coefficient in the time-variable pressure difference conditions of gas flow through porous material is presented. The obtained theoretical results are experimentally verified by the use of suitable modified and improved standard laboratory equipment. Method, involving variable gas pressure, is compared with standardized constant pressure method and a very good agreement was obtained.
Keywords: gas transmission, porous material, concrete, variable-pressure method, standardized method

Title: C-D-c-t Diagrams for practical Design of Concrete Durability Parameters

Bjegović, Dubravka (3896)
Krstić, Vedrana
Mikulić, Dunja (89455)
Ukrainczyk, Velimir (51054)
Number: 1
ISSN: 0008-8846
Volume: 25
Year: 1995
Pages: from 187 to 196
Number of references: 9
Language: engleski
Summary: Structures (especially bridges) in Croatian coastal marine environment, are exposed to influence of different aggressive factors. Since many old structures have to be repaired and since many new have to be constructed in that area, there is a special interest of experts to perform works with high quality standards. In this paper we propose a method for durability design of structures built in reinforced concrete structures. This method, which is developed as the computer program CHLODIF, is applied during the construction of new Maslenica bridge.
Keywords: durability, marine environment, design, computer program

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