SVIBOR - Project code: 2-13-104


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SVIBOR - Collecting Data on Projects in Croatia

Project code: 2-13-104


Main researcher: PLEŠTINA, LENKO (37650)

Type of research: applied
Duration from: 04/30/91. to 12/30/94.

Papers on project (total): 97
Institution name: Arhitektonski fakultet, Zagreb (54)
Department/Institute: Department of architectural design
Address: Kačićeva 26
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)01 4561-267
Fax: 385 (0)41 440 839
Phone: 385 (0)01-4561-267

Summary: A) Principal researcher on the project Doc.dr. L.Pleština: Existing quantity of residential objects of the family houses and close types of dwelling in Zagreb, has ben erected mainly in this century (the biggest part in the second half of the century), and reasons, causers and circumstances were inherited from before, some even from the nineteenth century. The evolution of the architectural process (styles) in the world has also been reflected in the building activity overhere with this type of objects. An illustartive example is the apearance of the Modern in the '30s, significantly presented on a quite number of residential villas in Zagreb, and they opposed customary, traditional image of piched-roof house. Although these examples are notified as value in arch-media, they have not caused more significant quantitative stream. The revival of the piched-roof image happened soon afterwards, and the last, actual GUP (General Urban Plan) demands very strictly for piched-roof. In the GUP regulation (characterized with complex confusion and omission of the esential directions) the detached single family house is rather neglected, and possibility of objects with up to 6 small flats are put forward. Mostly these objects are made through type-catalog projects (often with aditional improvisation) and with projects of the quite comformable approuch. In the domestic architectural publications the presence of family houses are hardly noticable up to '70s, and afterwards this theme has been presented a bit more, and so warned on this dominant part of the Zagreb city tissue. B) Coinvestigator on the project Prof.dr. I.Juras: Architects of Modern are not very occupied with colours on the faces of houses, but they are insisting on the basic colour of materials, and the tehnic possibilities prove the minimum of the walls (by using the scelet construction ant the stripe windows). Modern are using the same Digram of Colour but thair application it on the different ways link up on the architetonic shape. That confirm the existence of deep relation between shape and colour, with not metter on the style epoch.

Keywords: detached family house, Zagreb, Zagreb north, dwelling unit, siteplan, garden, regulation, GUP (General Urban Plan), building conditions, flat area, fence, materials, colour, architecture, age of house, roof, window, heating, Modern, painting, shape, column, wall

Research goals: A) Doc.dr. L.Pleština: This research has been aimed to collect, as much as possible, different material and references conected with the topic of the Zagreb family houses, to analyze and evaluete particular relevant factors, to spread out the knowledge about this, in Zagreb dominant type of residential objects, and to sugest some possible qualitative future acting. The results of this work are: - collection of sufficient working material useful for further research on the topic, - foundation of the 110 family houses documentation in Zagreb, systematicaly elaborated with all relevant facts, - set up of a matrix for analysis of constitutive parts of family houses, - writen and published (or prepared for publishing) study-articles. B) Prof.dr. I.Juras: Does exist the specific and dominat colour on the faces of the houses and have they the ambiental signs. Diagram of Colours doesn't exist which could be tipical for the variest epoch of Modern. The most important thing is shape on wich critical or not critical put the colour.

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