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SVIBOR - Collecting Data on Projects in Croatia

Project code: 3-01-182

Research of Croatian Medical Heritage

Main researcher: BELICZA, BISERKA (2996)

Type of research: basic
Duration from: 01/01/91. to 12/15/95.

Papers on project (total): 21
Institution name: Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti, Zagreb (101)
Department/Institute: Instute of History of Philosophy of Science Department of History of Medical Science
Address: Demetrova 18
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)41/428-491

Summary: The main aim of this project is oriented toward the collecting and interpreting of the relevant historical sources and documenatation available in the country and abroad to biuld up the database, as well as the preparation and publication of the scientific papers, case studies, theoretical essays and guides to medicohistorical information sources et similar publication data, as the preliminary work for the final synthesis of the sociological and gnoseological aspects of the development of medical theory, medical practice and public health in Croatia from the ancient time to the middle of the 20th century. Within the project are included: archival sources, manuscripts, printed theoretic-practical medical works, publications and activities, official reports, preparations for the publlication the critical editions and reproductions of selected medical works of the Croatian medical writers and scientists, in Croatia and abroad; study of the development and institutionalization of medical professions and medical specialisations; the analysis of their practical, scientific, health care and social work and status; health culture in urban and rural communities; folk and domestic medicine; study of the development and characteristics of public health policy, forms of health care in the relation to the health conditions and epidemiological situation, with special attention to the exploring new approaches, methods and techniques into the history of medicine.

Keywords: Croatian Medical Heritage, sources, database, medical theory, medical practice, medical professions, education, institutions, health and sanitary conditions, health care, public health policy

Research goals: To establish the adequate scientific database for reliable interpretation and valorization of the role and contribution of Croatian medical heritage in the develpment of medicine in Europe and the World, as well as the investigation of the development of medical science and practice, professionalization and institutionalization in the field of medical care and public health policy, sanitary and preventive measures, health condition of the population, history of particular diseases, epidemiological situation in the particular periods in urban and rural communities, exact identification and interpretation of pathocenotic phenomena in Croatia. Reprint, translation and critical interpretation of selected medical essays, manuscripts, and books written by Croatians in Croatia and abroad. Collecting sources for study of bioethical aspects and history of medical, social and iuridical interactions in the field medical ethics and deontology in Croatia.

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