SVIBOR - Project code: 3-01-405


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SVIBOR - Collecting Data on Projects in Croatia

Project code: 3-01-405


Main researcher: ŠTAMPAR, DUBRAVKA (72184)

Type of research: applied
Duration from: 07/01/92. to 06/30/95.

Papers on project (total): 3
Papers on project quoted in Current Contents: 1
Institution name: Institut za zaštitu majki i djece, Zagreb (72)
Department/Institute: Family Planning Department
Address: Klaićeva 16
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)41-441611
Phone: 385 (0)41-440455
Fax: 385 (0)41-451308

Summary: Sexual behaviour in adolescence is an important factor forreproductive health later in life. The aim of the research wasto assess some of the characteristics of the sexual behaviour ofgirls and boys aged 15-19 years attending secondary schools inthe city of Zagreb as well as to get information on the knowledgeand incidence of and protection against sexually transmitteddiseases with special reference to Chlamydia Trachomatisinfections by applying a multidisciplinary analysis to arepresentative sample of sexually active adolescent girls. Weshall evaluate the validity of the data in indentifying thecorrelation between the sexual behaviour of adolescents and theincidence of sexually transmitted diseases; we shall also seek toestablish the risk factors that can affect and jeopardize thereproductive health of adolescents in an urban area. On the basisof the data, we shall propose health education programmes for theprotection of the reproductive health of adolescents as well asthe most suitable screenings for an early detection and treatmentof sexually transmitted diseases in an adolescent population.1500 adolescent boys and girls were surveyed to assess the sexualbehavior of adolescents, while 400 sexually active girls wereexamined to assess the incidence of sexually transmitteddiseases.

Keywords: adolescents, Sexual Behaviour, Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Research goals: The aim of the study is to indentify and assess the basic degreeof knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases among adolescentsand their attitudes towards them as well as to identify andevaluate the most important characteristics of the sexualbehaviour of adolescents which influence the spread and incidenceof sexually transmitted diseases. The results of the latestsurvey on the sexuality of adolescents aged 15-19 years which wasconducted, taking a representative sample, in six towns inCroatia in 1990 showed that 22.1% of the girls and 48.9% of theboys had had sexual intercourse. Only 43% of the sexually activeadolescents had used some form of protection against unwantedpregnancy. 51% of the students ran grave risks of contractingsexually transmitted diseases since they changed sexual partners.Therefore, we decided to establish the incidence of sexuallytransmitted diseases in adolescent girls in Zagreb area as well(by selecting a representative sample) with special reference tothe incidence of Chlamydia Trachomatis infections which in 20% ofthe cases which are not treated early enough will haveinfertility for a consequence: - to identify and assess the correlation between risky sexualbehaviour and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and - to establish the criteria and determine the screenings formaking a diagnosis as early as possible and for administeringearly treatment.

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