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Project code: 3-03-449

A survey of porcine eperythrozoonosis in Croatia

Main researcher: MODRIĆ, ZVONKO (32191)

Type of research: applied
Duration from: 06/01/92. to 06/01/97.

Papers on project (total): 5
Institution name: Veterinarski fakultet, Zagreb (53)
Department/Institute: Department of microbiology and infectious diseases
Address: Heinzelova 55
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0) 290-111, 290-201
Fax: 385 (0) 214-697

Summary: Eperythrozoonosis in pigs is the most frequent latent infection caused by the rickettisia Eperythrozoon suis. It is a conditionally infectious disease triggered by such stress factors as birth, weaning, transport, inadequate zoohigienic and nutritional conditions, as well as by the development of some other infectious diseases, especially these of the respiratory and digestive tracts. Depending on the age categories, eperythrozoonosis in pigs manifests itself by various symptoms, of which, in the acute phase of the disease, the most pronounced ones are the increased temperature, anemia, and generalized icterus. The disease was diagnosed for the first time in the US (Kinsley, 1932; Doyle, 1932; Splitter and Williamson, 1950) and then in other parts of the world. In Croatia it was first found in 1986 in Sisak (Modrić et al., Vet. glasnik 41, 233, 1987).

Keywords: Eperythrozoonosis,swine, survey, Croatia.

Research goals: Through publications and lectures about porcine eperythrozoonosis we should inform veterinarians and swine breeders with the disease. Besides, in experimentally infected splenectomized or nonsplenectomized pigs with E. suis we have studied: clinical symptoms, hematological, biochemical and immunological parameters as well as pathomorphological and histopathological alterations. Futhermore, in the latent phase of the disease we have evaluated hygiene and quality of swine meat, developed serological diagnosis of the distribution of the disease among our swine producers, and started with prophylaxis. This research will add to our understanding of the disease in Croatia and will contribute to implement prophylactic measures in swine production with diagnosed eperythrozoonosis in order to decrease economic losses.

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