SVIBOR - Project code: 4-04-095


Strossmayerov trg 4, HR - 10000 ZAGREB
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SVIBOR - Collecting Data on Projects in Croatia

Project code: 4-04-095


Main researcher: SEVER, STANISLAV (43066)

Type of research: applied
Duration from: 01/01/91. to 12/31/95.

Papers on project (total): 84
Institution name: Šumarski fakultet, Zagreb (68)
Address: SVETOŠIMUNSKA 25, P.P. 178
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)41 218 288
Fax: 385 (0)41 218 616

Summary: Mechanized procedures of wood production; opening of forest areasby road-building; silviculture; forest protection; and nurseriesare all characterized by complex interaction of machines anddevices. The same applies to Croatian forestry. At the time whenthe project began in 1991, Croatian forest exploitation usedabout 6 thousand chain saws, about 1 thousand tractors - of whichabout 350 special forest tractors - round 400 trucks and 500cranes and other machines and equipment. Due to the war the number of the machines has changedconsiderably: at first the chain saws went down to 4000 innumber, but later, in 1992 there were almost 5000. In 1993 therewere about 750 tractors, 230 of them being special foresttractors; 250 wood transport set equipments; about 325 cranes,etc. The machines were used for the production of 3.2 mill. m3timber gross weight (about 2.7 mill. m3 timber net weight). By collaboration in the research, which was for the most partpractically applied, the cause and consequence of machine use inforest environment were studied together with the impact of theoperators, organizers and the whole management environment uponthe efficiency of the mechanized process. The criterion ofhazardousness for the environment is deciding in choosing,controlling and influencing the development of forestmechanization, this being the reason for encompassing so manydifferent fields in the research on the machines and devices usedin forestry.

Keywords: forest (forestry) machines and equipment, machine and forest soil, technologies and work methods, ergonomics, forest opening, forest biomass, forest damages, standardization, terminology, harvesting, skidding timber (un)loading, wood transportation

Research goals: The basic aims of the research are summarized in the following items: (1) theoretical research on the status of groups of skidding machines that belong to the family of the off-road vehicles; (2) theoretical principles of evaluating forest tractors in terms of the kinematical radius of the wheel; (3) data bank of relating groups of forest machines; (4) forest biomass as a part of forest exploitation produce - quantity and thermal value; (5) consequences of machine and load movement over forest soil (off-road and skidding tracks); (6) damage made upon the parts of trees above and under the ground; (7) issues relating to the energy needed for machine use; (8) energy balance of the mechanized forestry technologies and methods; (9) achievement of satisfying results in organization of forestry production and work preparation; (1) complexness of the ergonomic phenomena. The following are the significant contributions to the science of forest machines and knowledge on forest technologies: (a) selection of skidding tractors according to the evaluated morphological and movement properties; (b) limits in machine impact upon soil; (c) stand damage in various procedures and methods of work mechanization; (d) technology of forest biomass production with the characteristics of cause and consequence; (e) energy consumption of various machines and work methods; (f) data banks of skidders and forwarders; (g) energy consumption in forest work; (h) ergonomic exertion in working with forest machines.


  1. Name of institution: Javno poduzeće "Hrvatske šume"
    Type of institution: Institution whose primary activities ar
    City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia

  2. Name of institution: Šumarski institut Jastrebarsko
    Type of institution: University/Faculty
    City: 10420 - Jastrebarsko, Croatia

  3. Name of institution: IUFRO, Division 3, S3.06; Oregon State University
    Type of institution: State administration
    City: Corvallis, USA

  4. Name of institution: ISTVS - International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems
    Type of institution: State administration
    City: Hamburg, Germany

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