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Project code: 4-05-102

Possibilities of poultry husbandry restructuring in Republic of Croatia

Main researcher: TADIĆ, VERA (48944)

Type of research: developmental
Duration from: 06/01/91. to 06/01/93.

Papers on project (total): 15
Papers on project quoted in Current Contents: 1
Institution name: Veterinarski fakultet, Zagreb (53)
Department/Institute: Poultry Center Department for economy
Address: Heinzelova 55
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)41 23-21-67
Fax: 385 (0)41 23-20-36

Summary: Poultry husbandry in republic of Croatia is not structured for an equal integration to international competition with well developed poultry husbandries of western Europe, USA and Canada. Poultry husbandry is also vertically and horizontally insufficiently integrated. The traditional scheme of production and consuming of poultry meat and eggs is not enabling the development of poultry husbandry of Croatia in function of croatian export possibilities. By research of possibilities and schemes of restructuring of poultry husbandry of Croatia the most optimal models of poultry meat and eggs production in the purpose of consuming on domestic market and competitive export on market of well developed countries will be determined (primarily on the ECC market). Comparative units of poultry husbandry of Croatia which could be used for integration on unique ECC market after Junuary, 1st, 1993 will be determined.

Keywords: Poultry husbandry, restructuring, development strategy

Research goals: Purpose of the suggested research analyse long term trends in croatian poultry husbandry development and production of some poultry products; evaluate, by using the comparative analysis, the achieved level of pultry husbandry development, especially from the point of wiew of new animal keeping, feeding and health protection tehnologies; define and investigate quantitive and qualitative comparative merits of Croatia for poultry products; determine existing capacities for poultry husbandry production; investigate the level of horizontal and vertical integration in poultry husbandry and co-opertional relations between big farms and private husbandries (co-operational production); investigate the tendencies and changes of poultry products consuming; investigate the quantitive, qualitative and regional changes on the poultry products world market; analyse the predictable changes in production, consuming, export and import of poultry meat and eggs in ECC also after Junuary, 1st, 1993 especially from the point of wiew of hygienical and health demands, enviromental protection and poultry welfare in breeding and production. The results of this research could help the poultry husbandry of Croatia in optimal restructuring and profitably preparing for entering in ECC and to be competitive with international well developed countries.

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