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SVIBOR - Collecting Data on Projects in Croatia

Project code: 4-99-131


Main researcher: ŽIMBREK, TITO (55602)

Type of research: applied
Duration from: 05/01/91. to 12/31/95.

Papers on project (total): 155
Papers on project quoted in Current Contents: 1
Institution name: Agronomski fakultet, Zagreb (178)
Department/Institute: Institute of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
Address: Svetošimunska c. 25
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (01) 2335 777/5124
Fax: 385 (01) 215 300

Summary: The general research goals is to establish the basic factorsof economic on agricultural holdings in Croatia. The expectedcontribution of the research is improvement of agriculturalproduction and business efficiency with regard to (1) improvementof economics of production and level of utilization of productionresources on agricultural house holds; (2) improvement oforganization and rationalization of working processes; (3)development of computerized business decision support systems; (4) recognition of factors of social and economic reproduction asthe basis for economic and political measures; (5) proposal ofpolicy measures, particularly in the field of prices subsidiesand market organization by monitoring the changes of agrarian andmarket structure. Beside mathematical and statistical methods used are: surveymethod particularly in the research of production and economicphenomenon on family farms, methods of analytical book-keeping ofproduction and business accounting, method of chronography, network planning and mathematical modelling. Preparation and creation the methodology of analyticalbook-keeping, as well as surveying of selected family farms incentral Croatia was carried out in the period from 1991 to 1993. It is the third year of monitoring of production andeconomic events and business. Data analysis for 1992 and 1993 isdone by using own software. Computer applications AGSTAT,designed for managing agricultural statistic data base andmodules designed for data entry and maintenance of KOPOGbook-keeping of family farms have been developed. Research is inprogress. Main factors of social reproduction of family farms forZagreb and Virovitica subregions on the basis of preliminaryperformed survey research have been analyzed. Systematical research of agricultural policy measures inCroatia in the field of price policy, subsidies and marketinstitutions organization in agriculture, as well as land policy in the longer period and particularly for the period1991-1993 has been accomplished. On the basis of a criticalanalysis the suggestion for improvement will be presented.

Keywords: Key words: agriculture, farm, agricultural production economics, organization, rationalization, socio-economic reproduction, business and decision making, agricultural policy, agricultural market

Research goals: General research goal is to establich the basis factors of production and business efficiency of agricultural holdings in Croatia, in particular: (1) to establich the factors of economics production on agricultural firms, with the posibility to use the results for regional and time comparison; (2) to review the factors that influence the organization and rationalization of work processes and utilization of major inputs; (3) business improvement of decision making by the use of computerized systems; (4) establishment the factors of social reproduction of family farms; (5) research of agricultural structure and markets as the a basis for government-regulative- intervention measures in agriculture. Expected contribution of proposed research is improvement the economic efficiency of agricultural production and business activities of agricultural holdings, structured in following levels: improvement the production economics of agricultural firms and better utilization of production factors in agriculture; rationalization of work processes and operations; business improvement by use of computerized system for better decision making for commercial farms and firms; by scientific conception of social reproduction factors avoid undesirable effects, and make possible increase of farm production efficiency undertaking adequate agricultural and food policy measures; research the market of agricultural product consumption will serve as basis for necessary government regulative intervention measures in the sphere of market organization, prices and subsidies in agriculture.


  1. Name of project: 4-99-129 Regionalni razvoj i metode za izbor agroekonomskih mjera u poljoprivredi.
    Name of institution: Institut za ekonomiku poljoprivrede, Zavod za upravu poljoprivrednim gospodarstvom
    City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia

  2. Name of project: 4-99-150 Makro menadžment i marketing u poljoprivredno-prehrambenom sustavu Središnje Hrvatske
    Name of institution: Institut za ekonomiku poljoprivrede, Zavod za marketing u poljoprivredi
    City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia

  3. Name of project: 4-99-130 Tržne institucje u funkciji opskrbe Grada Zagreba i razvoja poljoprivrede
    Name of institution: Institut za ekonomiku poljoprivrede
    City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia


  1. Name of institution: Kmetijski inštitut Slovenije
    Type of institution: University/Faculty
    City: 61000 - Ljubljana, Slovenija

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