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Project code: 5-03-197

Modernization of Administration in Croatia

Main researcher: PUSIĆ, EUGEN (39360)

Type of research: basic
Duration from: 01/01/91. to 12/15/95.

Papers on project (total): 50
Institution name: Pravni fakultet, Zagreb (66)

Summary: The situation in the administrative system in Croatia generally and in its personnel composition particularly is far from satisfactory. It is necessary to investigate comparatively existing models and solutions, particularly in local government and in personnel policy, as a precondition to modernizing administration. Solutions elsewhere and our own situation have to be evaluated critically. This is a task of systematizing theoretical and practical existing knowledge on the basis of a precise vision of implementation and expected advantages. Parallely to this practical task it is hoped to achieve a qualitative theoretical improvement towards a paradigm of regulating administrative systems in society.

Keywords: organization, administration, administrative system, local selfgovernment, value orientation, selection of personnel, promotion, city government, administrative reform, central government, coordination, city, public enterprises

Research goals: The objectives of the project are mainly practical: to systematize experience with modernizing administrative systems and to assess the possibilities of their application. Within this framework, the particular aims of the project are twofold: - What models of local government are the best basis for the transfer of experiences about territorial organization of an administrative system, about the management of cities, the organization of local politics and local decision making, especially related to the local executive organs, to administration and to public services? - What are the most appropriate methods of training, selecting, deploying, motivating, and promoting administrative personnel, i.e. how to adapt optimal theoretical models to our specific needs? Comparing experiences is useless without the appraisal of the conditions and possibilities of implementation here and now. Just as the appraisal alone is futile if we do not know what experiences we want to apply and if this aim is not operationalized. This defines two levels of the project. One is to gain insight into comparative possibilities, models, institutional solutions, normative formulations and the related practice. The other is to determine the situation in the administrative subsystem as well as in the political system in Croatia and in Croatian society generally and the present tendencies towards change. The point where these two levels intersect defines the general objective of the project: the scientific basis of modernizing administration in Croatia.

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