SVIBOR - Project code: 6-02-121


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SVIBOR - Collecting Data on Projects in Croatia

Project code: 6-02-121


Main researcher: BADURINA, ANĐELKO (1486)

Type of research: basic
Duration from: 01/01/91. to 12/31/95.

Papers on project (total): 213
Institution name: Institut za povijest umjetnosti, Zagreb (20)
Phone: 385 (0)537-011

Summary: The research on the distribution of works of art on the determined territory during a long period of time resulted with a catalogue. Insight into the organization and artistic shaping of the Croatian space, comprises all the differences occuring due to their different geographic situation, revealing the causes that arise out of the actual differencies. This research encompasses the space organization, urban and rural agglomerations,single monuments of architecture in the respective settlements, lost monuments (archeological sites), as well as the movable monuments - sculptures, paintings and artistic craft. Data are being prepared for the computerized processing for the whole inventory of the cultural heritage of Croatia. The final goal is to publish all the results in a book. In 1993. the systematic research concerning the art topography of the Križevci region resulted with a book KRIŽEVCI - GRAD I OKOLICA (Križevci - the town and its surroundings) published by the Institute for History of art, Zagreb 1993., 422 pages of the folio size. Art topography research continues on the town of Požega and Ludbreg with the appertaining territory. In Dalmatia and Istra the research embraces several topics and problems.

Keywords: Art Topography,Croatia,urban agglomeration,rural agglomeration, artistic monuments,cultural heritage,textual data base,visual data base,Križevci

Research goals: The main goal of the research project is to establish a systematized inventory of the works and monuments of art along with their precise spatial and chronological distribution. The fundamental scope of the research does not represent more confirmation of statistics for cultural heritage, but is aiming at reaching the deeper comprehension of the mutual relation of the monument and the territory of its origin. Art topography is in fact a large register of art monuments organized after their location, bringing forward the evidence of cultural and material values and goods created on historical and geographical territory of Croatia during its thousand year lasting oast. The significance of such an inventory is manyfolded: in the first place obtained is through scientific research systematically organized substance, in practice its results represent a fundamental information for the protection and revitalization of monuments (supplying all the userswith an entire list of monuments), in the second place these results should be obligatory for the spatial and urban planning because they deliver all the necessary evaluation support. All the scientific results of this project are to be the base for further scientific exploration of architectural and other art heritage in Croatia especially when treating issues on the development of the style, chronology and typology comprised in the synthetic surveys. Final goal is to establish a distributed computerized data base containing the information on single monument and other cultural heritage, which shall at first be published separetly in relevant editions, and finaly in particular books in which substantial wholes plan to be presented.


  1. Name of institution: Grad Križevci
    Type of institution: Institution whose primary activities ar
    City: 48260 - Križevci, Croatia

  2. Name of institution: Grad Lubreg
    Type of institution: Institution whose primary activities ar
    Type of cooperation: Financial support
    City: 42230 - LUDBREG, Hrvatska


  1. Name: Izložba "SOS za ludbrešku baštinu"
    Type of achievement: Other
    Authors: K. Horvat-Levaj, A. Badurina, I. Reberski, D. Radović, D. Stepinac, J. Marković, M. Stepinac, K. Tadić

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