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Project code: 6-03-066

Croatian Literature in 19th- and the Early 20th-Century Istria

Main researcher: STRČIĆ, MIRJANA (94881)

Type of research: basic
Duration from: 01/01/91. to 01/01/94.

Papers on project (total): 28
Institution name: Pedagoški fakultet, Rijeka (9)
Department/Institute: Department of Philology
Address: Josipa Brusića 1 (ili Omladinska 14)
City: 51000 - Rijeka, Croatia
Phone: 385 (051) 446-692/515-200
Fax: 385 (051) 515-142/441-886

Summary: The research deals with Croatian literature in Istria in the 19th and early 20th centuries. This literature was written under highly specific conditions, since the province of Istria, together with the Kvarner Islands, was separated from the rest of the Croatian territories within the Habsburg Monarchy. Compared to the mainstream of Croatian literature in Civil Croatia (which, in the period up to the year 1914, passed through the periods of Realism and Modernism), the literary circle that gradually emerged in the period of the Croatian National Revival in Istria developed atypically and asynchronously, which is why it was neglected in literary history for a long time. Thus this period of Croatian literature in Istria offers a great deal of scope for sholarly research in the domain of literary history and numerous segments of the cultural life of Istrian Croats. Some of the collaborators are investigating and evaluating the Croatian periodicals of the period in Istria (most of which also served the function of literary magazines). Problems connected to the publication of literary works and their reception in Istria are being studied from the sociological/culturological aspect, and, finally, the problem of teaching local Croatian literature in schools within the framework of literature in general is being addressed by developing a methodological interpretation of the subject. The project includes the writing of a master's thesis, the publication of studies and other scholary papers, whole books, talks at scolary gatherings and the organization of a scholary gathering (V. Car Emin).

Keywords: Croatian studies, literary history, periodicals, Istra, Kvarner's Islands, 19th and early the 20th centuries

Research goals: The aim was to continue research on the Revival period in Istria (with the Kvarner Islands), focusing on individual writers or particular important segments of literature and related subjects in the domain of culture in general; to cover the major writers; to draw attention to their relationship towards the Croatian periodicals in Istria from 1870 to 1914; to study the work of vernacular poets (especially on the Island of Krk); to develop teaching materials on selected writers of local Croatian literature, making their work available to the perception of schoolchildren. The expected results included the publication of scholary papers and their presentation at scholary gatherings; the completion of a master's thesis; the preparation of a book with the work of vernacular poets; the preparation of a literary-historical monograph on Revival writers - priests; the preparation for publication of a book of poems by R. Katalinić Jeretov; the organization of a scholarly gathering on V. Car Emin.

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