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Project code: 6-03-331

LEXICON OF SLAVIC LITERATURES: authors and literary works

Main researcher: UŽAREVIĆ, JOSIP (63952)

Type of research: developmental
Duration from: 12/01/93.

Papers on project (total): 7
Institution name: Filozofski fakultet - Humanističke znanosti, Zagreb (130)
Department/Institute: Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
Address: Ivana Lučića 3
City: 10000 - Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)1 6120-045
Phone: 385 (0)1 6120-064
Fax: 385 (0)1 513-834

Summary: The lexicon of Slavic Literatures has been conceived as a comprehensive compendium of facts about Slavic literatures. It should have fundamental importance for the development of studies of different Slavic literatures as well as for the comparative Slavic studies. The work on the project consists of three stages: 1. Lexicological analysis of the most important authors and lliterary works (A category), including the basic biographical and bibliographical information on the author, structural analyses of texts, their placement into the literary-historical context and their relations toxwards other relevant literary phenomena; short history of reception and basic literature on the authors/works. Analyses of literary works will include geneological and structural analyses, literary and historical references, short history of reception and bibliography. 2. The entries on the less prominent authors and works (B and C categories in case of writers and B category in case of literary works) will have the same structure. 3. The analysis of synthetic entries in terms of national literatures and comparative studies, including genres, stylistic methods, literary-historical and literary-geographical notions, literary groups and institutions, translations and relations between Slavic and non-Slavic literatures. The project requires a thorough computer analysis, i.e. creating a large database essential for the compilation of the lexicon, but also useful for the scientific research in the field of Slavic studies.

Keywords: lexicon, literary tipology, slavistics, poetics, literary history, literary reception

Research goals: The primary objective of the project is the completion of the first stage. This stage is essential for the development of the database, and will consequently serve as a basis of the next stages. The result of the first stage will be the publising of a comprehensive lexicon (approximatley 2000 pages), which would considerably enhance the studies of Slavic literature. The final aim of this project is to publish the results of all three stages in the form of a three-volume lexicon and to create a database which will be a basis for potential future projects in the Slavic Studies. The lexicon is intended for the students of Slavic Studies, publishing editors, scholars as well as the general reading public.

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