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Project code: 6-04-134

Selected questions of Dalmatian Painting of the 14th to the 20th centuries

Main researcher: PRIJATELJ, KRUNO (91130)

Type of research: basic
Duration from: 01/01/91. to 01/01/93.

Papers on project (total): 56
Papers on project quoted in Current Contents: 2
Institution name: Institut za povijest umjetnosti, Zagreb (20)
Phone: 385 (021) 583 993

Summary: In the project "Selected questions of Dalmatian painting of the 14th to the 20th centuries" research was carried out on numerous not studied or not enough examined questions of the history of painting in Dalmatia in the cited course of time. The paintings from the 14th century were the oldest studied. Discovered are some up to now unknown works that enlighten that time in which Ghotic and Byzantine encountered (Breviarium spalatense in Museo Correr in Museo Correr, Missale of the duke Novak). Particular care was payed to the most important chapter of the old Dalmatian painting so called "Dalmatian school of painting" which become active in the 15th and through the whole 16th century. From one side surveyed and defined were up to now not perceived peculiarities, from the other disclosed were some umknown pictures or have their attributions been changed, given new evaluation and brought forward new analysis (Blaž Jurjev, Nikola Vladanov, Dujam Vušković, Ivan Petrov iz Milana, Ivan Ugrinović, Lovro Dobričević, Nikola Božidarević, Miho Hamzić). Special attention was paid to the paintings of the Renaissance artists (L. Bastiani, F. Bissolo) an to the scarcely known Manneristic painting in Dalmatia (P. Brocardo, J. Ventura, Martin Benetović). Newly reached synthetized views and specificness concern the so called "Schiavoni" principally those appearing to the Renaissance and Manneristic period. Many new attributions and finds enriched the catalogue of the Renaissance, Manneristic nad Baroque painting import (F. Negro, J. Fyt, J. Palma Junior, M. Ponzoni, C. Maratti, G.B. Pitteri, A. Vicentino, B. D'Anna, F. Zaninberti, F. Baroci, M. Schiavone), along with some local masters of that period (S. de Vita). Separately a great number of iconographic questions were scrutinized, specialy problems of iconography of Virgin Mary. New contributions were also confirmed in the sphere of the modest Dalmatian painting of the 19th century (Juraj Pavlović, G. Candellari). For the 20th century stressed were some questions on our and foreign critic (Vladimir Rismondo, Ivo Delalle, C.A. Argan).

Keywords: Croatia, Dalmatia, paintig of Trecento, painting from Ghotic to Baroque period, "Dalmatian school of painting", "Schiavoni", paintings by foreign masters in Dalmatia from XV-XVIII ct., painting of the 19th and 20th centuries, iconography of St. Mary,

Research goals: Treating the project questions and various aspects of the appearing problems should in the proximate future result with anoverall survey of history of Dalmatian painting (chronologically covering from the 14th to the 20th centuries). Such an estimation should display the importance of Dalmatian painting with all its characteristics and distinctive features in the boundaries of Croatian or European context. Although a notable number of researchers published their papers making a marked contribution during the last few decades, there still exist problems andquestions to be answered. Filling these vacancies and dilemmas with appropriate answers resulting with the synthesis is one of the main project goals. This calls for the incorporation of the unknown works, completing and correcting of some earlier opinions and attitudes. Reevocation of some of the significant artists profiles should be performed simultaneously as the work of many artists is still not valued enough, and inserting of some new metodes in examinating and sintetical questions of project's problematic.

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