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SVIBOR - Collecting Data on Projects in Croatia

Project code: 1-08-134


Main researcher: KATAVIĆ, IVAN (78984)

Type of research: basic
Duration from: 01/01/91. to 12/31/93.

Papers on project (total): 46
Papers on project quoted in Current Contents: 8
Institution name: Institut za oceanografiju i ribarstvo, Split (1)
Department/Institute: Aquaculture laboratory
Address: Šetalište Ivana Meštrovića 63
City: 21000 - Split, Croatia

Summary: The most delicate stages of the sea bass and gilthead sea bream were studied, aiming to solve and scientifically explain some of the vital problems of the commercial production.Suitability of the new candidates for mariculture were investigated as well as some basic characteristic of their hybrides were studied.Finally, respons to the most common polutants on molluscs and various fish stages have been elaborated. The hypothezis according to which manipulation of some environmental factors, and certain zootechnical measures (shading effect combined with delayed feeding) could solve the problem of initial activation of swimbladder, was confirmed. The positive impact of live food enrichment on the growth and survival of the early developmental stages was demonstrated. The vitamin C requirements in the daily food meal of the juvenile and subadults gilthead sea bream has been studied. Results obtained from common dentex studies suggest that this species can be considered as new candidate for Mediteranean aquaculture. Crossbreading of some sparid species was performed in order to select some hybrids with desirable characteristics. Following such an effort, white sea bream x common dentex hybrids, and red sea bream x common dentex were selected. A series of toxicological tests were performed in order to investigate effects of water soluble fraction of crude oil on fish eggs, larvae and postlarvae. Within this studies, bioacummulation and retention of heavy metals in the body tissue of the fish and mussells were investigated.

Keywords: sea bass, sea bream, hybrides, swimbladder, toxicity

Research goals: Long term studies on environmental conditions and biological factors important for survival, growth and reproduction of commercial fish has considered as a basis for new research cycles focused towards ecophysiological, nutritional and genetical aspect of mariculture. The main objective of this studies was to explore some of physiological processes related to the problem manifested as well as to upgrade scientific knowledge needed for the improvement of culturing methods and techniques. Number of the experiments were conducted to analyse swimbladder malformation of sea bass larvae tending to provide critical research data for its management porogramme. To evaluate growth and survival of some sparide species and their hybrids, the crosbreeding programme were introduced. Nutritional studies were performed to analyse impact of live food enrichment on the culturing performances of the fish. Studies on the embryogenesis and larval development provide an additional set of information needed in the identification programme of the planctonic stages of sparid species. Biochemical studies were undertaken to determine gilthead sea bream ascorbic acid requirements and to get insight into metabolism and incorporation of vitamin C into body tissue of the fish. Studies on the bioacummulation and retention of heavy metals in mussells were conducted to provide information needed for both, protection of commercial production and consumers from health hasards. Response of the early developmental stages of marine fish exposed to soluble fraction of crude oil were investigated. The objective of this study was to predict consequences of oil spills from coastal industrial discharges for marine life.


  1. Name of project: RAB/89-RER/87 Mediterranean Regional Aquaculture Project (MEDRAP)
    Name of institution: UNDP/FAO-MEDRAP II
    City: TUNISIA, Tunis

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