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Project code: 3-01-508

The prevalence of the addiction substrances among scholl-children and students

Main researcher: JONJIĆ, ANTO (85144)

Type of research: applied
Duration from: 06/01/93. to 06/01/96.

Papers on project (total): 88
Papers on project quoted in Current Contents: 1
Institution name: Medicinski fakultet, Rijeka (62)
Department/Institute: Department of social medicine and health ecology
Address: Braće Branchetta 20/1
City: 51000 - Rijeka, Croatia
Phone: 385 (0)227-444
Phone: 385 (0)227-238
Fax: 385 (0)514-790

Summary: The prevalence of disease among inhabitants, the duration of disease and the therapeutic and the rehabilitation efficiency point at the heaviness and the importance of any disease and at the necessity of organized prevention. Smoking, as also other addictions, represents typical examples of such and condition in population, with its all mentioned characteristics. Therefore, an epidemiological prospective investigation among children in elementary and secondary school is proposed, through representative sample in urban (Rijeka) and rural environment (Pazin). The causes of the beginning of smoking, and of other addictions are investigated, as also the establishment of real epidemiological state, in the aim to create the specific programmes of the addictions prevention. So we would act on the realisation of the WHO aims which, in the tasks of programm "Health for All to 2000" in the article 16 th - "The Positive Health behaviou Promotion", wants the reduction of smoking habit so that the non-smoking population increase to 80% of the total population . Today, there are about 30% of non-smokers in Croatia. In the artiche 17h - "The Health Harmful Behaviour Diminution", the aim is the reduction for almost 25% of alcohol consumption and of the consumption of other harmful substances till 2000.

Keywords: addictives, school-children, students

Research goals: Fundamental aim of project it to investigate by epidemiological methods: the prevalence and the other characteristics of the addiction substances intake. This investigation is primarily directed to the beginning of the addiction substances intake which may cause addictions. So, the age in which the youth begin to take the addiction substances, the sequence of the intake of this substances, family conditions in which they live, employment of their parents, thier educaation, the prevalence of the addiction substances intake in the family of examinees, and other facts, will be investigated. The expectet contribution is in the establishment of real epidemiological state which is necessary to create and to use better and adequate specxific preventive programmes according to the appearance, the location and the group of the addiction substances. Each detail in the study the addictions creation incidence. Because of that, the aim of this investigation is to study the characteristic of the addiction substances intake in the youngest part of population: in preadolescent and adolescent age.


  1. Name of institution: Savez za suzbijanje bolesti ovisnosti i unapređenje duševnog zdravlja
    Type of institution: Other
    City: 51000 - Rijeka, Croatia

  2. Name of institution: Poglavarstvo grada Rijeke
    Type of institution: Institution whose primary activities ar
    City: 51000 - Rijeka, Croatia

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